Whether on the balcony, the garden terrace, in the park or a lake-the friends of sausage or steak now come from the grill back their money.has barbecues in the warm season boom. 80 percent of Germans barbecue in summer at least once a month-even once 40 percent or more times per week. But what Grill methods are there?

Safety Aspects for Charcoal Grilling, Campfire & In Firebasket

The charcoal grilling is for many still the only true method Grill. With a charcoal grill, make especially sure that the charcoal is placed in time for the glow. To light one uses this most special Anzündwürfel for grilling with charcoal. Connoisseurs swear by the aroma of bratwurst from the charcoal grill. But not only the barbecue with the charcoal grill is a special treat. Also a classic campfire has its appeal. Sausage, potatoes or marshmallows can be also an excellent cook.

A cozy comfort spreads a fire basket, the well may contribute a part of the garden lighting. A fire basket with grill rack combines several features: it warms, it has the feel of a real fire and gets tasty grilled food. Both charcoal grills and fire baskets must have a secure footing. For extra stability in both a grill, which should also be solidly built and best coated. The coating allows the rust easier to clean.

BBQ Gas or on Electric Grill

Gas BBQ has the advantage of speed. Note: BBQ is short from barbecue by ABBREVIATIONFINDER. A solid gas grill is brought up to temperature in a few minutes and thus ready for use. Typically, a gas grill is also easier to clean. For someone who shuns both gas and charcoal, an electric grill offers. Simply insert the plug into the power outlet and away you go. They provide fast heat, there are no waste products such as smoke, soot or ash, and they are also relatively easy to clean.

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