Open House: a House in Black

It is true that the our home decor It has to be a mirror of our personality and our State of mind, but of course, always without reach certain ends as the Norwegian girl that I bring you today that, after breaking up with her boyfriend, he took a brush and painted all the walls and floors in Black and of course I hung it on the internet for our enjoyment.

At a certain point you feel bad does not mean that you have to take the brush and put an end to everything, now it seems that in the case of the girl is pretty happy with the result. If I had been the next day I had pulled hairs … would in fact still doing it.

It seems that when moved to house with your guy the walls were in pastel colors and the soil in pine, but after the break all that ended, however looking at the details we can see anything further from the personality of this girl than a sad inside. So I guess that it won’t last long. But let’s see your Black House a little more thoroughly, because there are ideas that we can use.

First of all see this as exaggerated interior is the perfect way to see how the black makes rooms appear larger but much deeper, amen of gloomy.

She used this color for walls and floors, leaving the roofs white, is curious to see the combination of black interiors and the cheesy ceiling lamps full glass as well as on the borders, but they are matter of change. That teaches us that if you’re going to make a drastic change you have to think about all the details and not only painting.

Highlight rooms period wood pieces, that are not wrong because not abused them and their presence is almost anecdotal. It is curious as despite virtually lacking furniture and have a great lighting the House does not seem excessively large and contemporary, this is due to the excess of black.

Almost to finish me struck me especially this picture, don’t know, but I don’t see girl na with the House painted in black with a picture of two girls pushing a calf & #8230;

Finally something that Yes should recognize him and that in all rooms There are little touches of light colors to avoid the black occupies the entire room, these pieces are antique furniture by one side, or textiles in the form of pads that we see throughout the House as well as this Pink pouf in the living room, I’m sure that is the center of attention.

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