Open Doors: a Loft in Paris in Style Art Deco

The use of the geometric shapes and of the colorful Merry is one of the characteristics of the Art Deco style that are present in this apartment and receives the name of Loft, but in the broadest sense of the word, because it has some corridors and not all spaces are as comprehensive as they should, it is located in Paris and although I admit that I would never live in it, I was delighted by the curious and striking of its decoration.

The background color, chosen for the walls, in almost all of the spaces is the White, After playing with furniture and accessories to introduce color, there are details in the most varied tones creating great contrasts, also plays with the lighting, color bulbs, provide ambient lighting in shades of different in some areas, but the best is that we see it, we are going to discover some of the most original details of this apartment.

As we said one of the main features of the Art Deco is the use of bright colours combined on the one hand and on the other the of the geometric shapes, in the image above, that is more than evident and reflected above all in the sofa, there is predominance of straight lines, but curves are also to a lesser extent, for example in the table.

The more complicated in this case it is the mixture of lamps and the use of pictures to decorate, set is somewhat ornate for my taste, I do like the colors and forms in general, but when it comes to the details to my Art Deco I am not convinced, many of the pieces separately if , but when together all in one place is me over.

One of the most curious details of this apartment is the decoration of the ceiling that you see in the image above, all full of balls in the world, It is one of the bedrooms and again the idea is super original, but for my bedtime there would be crippling.

In my opinion the ceiling is not sufficiently high as to losing height as low as result of placement of balloons and new room looks somewhat saturated, maybe if you were to only happen in an area, or if the ceiling higher would be better, but I am also aware that love to many a bedroom so.

The Hall If that I loved, even refilled and everything, the idea of having the wall a lot of watches They mark the different hours of the world, found me interesting, maybe because I love to travel and because I have family in several different countries.

Also I liked the placement of the color ceiling bulbs, It seems that it was a party and if the Hall at the entrance of the House, the feeling of good vibes that will undoubtedly enter will be excellent, clear in my house not sticking much, because it is already decorated in a very different style, but when I moved, I think.

And the last detail of the flashy found in the bathroom, We have already spoken in Decoesfera this converted into a bathtub boat, is one of those things that you think that they exist but no one has at home, but not, there is always who buys the most unusual thing you can imagine, and it is that with an original House, the bathroom could not be less.

There are many more details, I have made a selection of the most significant, but as you can imagine, this home decor can give to talk about it for several days, so I leave the rest of the photos in the following Gallery so that you can see other rooms and you relate to them.

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