No More Heat: See How to Refresh Your Home

It is common for the house to warm up a lot in the summer due to high solar incidence and high temperature. As air conditioning is not always a viable option to alleviate heat, you can opt for other efficient ways to refresh the house and soothe it.

No More Heat See How to Refresh Your Home

In this post we suggest measures that bring thermal comfort, but are also recommended to improve air quality or generate  energy savings. Know below each one of them.


Everyone knows that incandescent bulbs generate heat and increase the light bill. However, there are people who insist on keeping this type of lighting at home. This is because they believe that all  types of light bulbs generate heat, not bothering to change them. In fact, this is a big misconception!

LED bulbs, for example, do not heat up. This makes them ideal for keeping the environment cool. Another advantage of this type of lighting is the savings in the account and its greater durability.


Natural light should be taken advantage of, but as it also carries heat, it helps to make the environment muffled. Thus, it is advisable to take measures so that the sun does not so much heat the house.

It is possible, for example, to apply films on the windows of doors and windows so that the light is reflected and the heat does not enter. Another idea is to use curtains, whether common or blackout, but have white lining, as this color also reflects sunlight.

Using blinds to regulate the light coming in, or having a plant near the window that slightly blocks the sun’s rays, can also help.


White is a great color to keep the environment cool. Therefore, it is worth using it not only in the curtains, but in the walls, furniture, carpets and other decorative elements.

That does not mean you should adopt a  total white decor! Keep your style, but consider using this color in the environments that are most exposed to light.


To cool us down we turn to the fan, and, with a few tricks, this device can be more efficient.

The first tip is to leave a container with ice near the air stream, which causes the wind that spreads through the environment to get colder.

Also, at night point the fan out of the room. At night, the house is warmer (because it has received the solar incidence all day), since the external environment is with the lowest temperature. Thus, by reversing the fan direction, it will blow hot air out.


Another natural element associated with heat relief is water. However, our tip has no relation to taking several baths a day or playing in the pool! In fact, it’s much simpler: sprinkle water around the house.

Evaporation of the liquid will leave the air fresh and pure. These pockets of water can range from simple basins to decorative fountains. However, be sure to change the water frequently so as not to impair the quality of the humidification.

The water can also be used to humidify towels, which can be hung in the window to “filter” and cool the air entering the house.


In addition to a nice decorative touch, the little plants help to cool the air, as they release water in the environment when they perspire. So it is interesting to have several specimens around the house.

It is important to water them at appropriate intervals to maintain their health and maintain fresh air. Also it is important to check which ones do not support much sun and put them away from the door and the window.

One tip is to concentrate more plants in the room where you and your family spend more time, so the air there becomes healthier.

Did you see how simple it is to refresh the house, purify the air and still save on the light bill? If you are suffering from the heat, take these steps!