Multitasking Rooms: How to Set Up A

After the cities began to urbanize and increase the number of inhabitants, the apartment buildings were the salvation of the crop. Today, it is very common to see a family of 3 people living in a much smaller space compared to formerly.

Multitasking Rooms How to Set Up A

It has never been so necessary to enjoy the environment to its fullest, making it more functional for the whole family. One of the alternatives created for this was the creation of multitasking rooms without the need to build walls to divide spaces. See these tips on how to do this without losing a lot of space at home.

Multi-task rooms in the room

If you have a balcony in the bedroom, a good request is to take advantage of this space to do the makeup. Put a small table with a chair there and of course the mirror on the wall. Change all the make-up products to this place and so you will free up space in the bathroom sink and still get to enjoy the natural light (which is best to do the makeup).

Another tip to decorate the room is to use a dresser instead of a closet, or even shelves embedded in the wall. So you can leave all your books organized and also put the frames. You can also put a small table to work next to your bed.

Multitasking rooms in the room

Well, the room is a place to get visitors, is not it? So, how about turning it into your office, too ? If you usually receive customers at home this is a great space because it also helps in case they had to wait. You can watch TV or read a magazine.

Like TV nowadays, they can be placed on the wall, without taking up space, your desk with all the documents can be right under it or you can arrange a shelf that offers the space of the table and also shelves to store your folders.

This same sofa can become a bed to receive visitors who will spend the night in your home, as a couple of friends, for example. The place is comfortable and cozy. It is a place where you can also rest a bit and also watch movies and your favorite shows with friends at ease.