Most Powerful Energy Saving Light Bulbs

This is the question which most often hosts ask when they begin to choose what energy saving bulbs to choose the lighting of each room in your home.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

This of course is not as easy a question as it seems, because the correct dimensioning of the lighting in the premises affected many indicators as – size of the room volume of the room, the color of the walls and ceiling, the location of lighting fixtures and so on. All these parameters calculated them special lighting programs for people dealing with professional lighting equipment.

And since hardly many of us have such acquaintances I will tell you a simple formula by which quickly and easily can calculate energy saving bulbs with what power you need. Calculate the volume of the room in cubic meters (length x width x height). For example, if take a plain room 4h4h2.5 = 40 m³ – Whatever figure we receive wool so we will need +/- 10% provided that use energy-efficient light bulbs. In our case we got 40 watts and because the market rarely meet energy-saving bulbs with power above 20 watts, and is not advisable to use such lamps even find because they emit very bright light from a source which spoils the light comfort in the rooms. Therefore, depending on how much lighting you have in the room should divide this power between them. The market most common models are Energy-saving light bulbs 20 watts = 100 wattsunder normal bulbs, 15 watts = 75 watts, 11 watts = 60 watts and 9 watts = 40 watts. Which means that if the room have only one lamp must put 20 watts light bulb light will not be enough, because we need two such saving lamps.

If you have a chandelier with three sockets can put three 15 watt or three 11-watt energy-efficient bulbs in one case will have less than sought, and the other just below him, but in both cases we will norms of good lighting. And if you have a chandelier with five sockets then we must use energy saving bulbs of 9 watts. With this simple formula can easily calculate for each room how much light is needed to not be too light or too dark because in both cases it is harmful for the eyes and prevents the best light comfort. In the next article I will meet with the symbols on the boxes of the bulb and what they mean. we also encourage you to read our next article that is directly related to this topic.