Modern Wooden Bench Design


  1. How to use wooden bench decoration?
  2. Where to buy wooden bench?

With the requirement of greater maintenance and a little more careful over the years, wood was overlooked for a long time in decorative designs of the middle class. But its glamour and elegance with classic touches make raw material benching become a trend in interior decoration, and the use of wooden bench is becoming popular, which can bring a classic and even rustic touch to the house.


Hall of the house – there are tables for runner or you can do an unpolished wood for a rustic decor. What to put on the top? A beautiful decorative vase, picture frame collection, a small collection of dolls and so on are all wonderful if the theme of your residence is geek. The board in this case must be narrow and short so as not to disturb the passage.

Small room – don’t want a desk? You can show your items in some other ways. For example, you can use a wooden bench to queue your perfumes, a beautiful jewelry box or scented soaps. Besides, it can serve to support TV and books and your other personal items. And it can be split in half to double rooms.

American style table – there’s no room for a dining table? This problem can be easily solved with a short bench and stools, so you can enjoy breakfast and dinner. The countertop can be the divider between living room and kitchen.

Another modern use is to put bench in the kitchen table or dining room. You have your grandma’s vintage rustic wood bench and without use at home? Just paint some chairs in wood tone or color which adds a modern and elegant look to the room. You can decorate the legs of the table with painting, and leave the top in original wood color; combine modern with classical style.


What’s great is that you can buy them easily in the market with a low price. You can buy it in most stores of your city to sites with sellers. On the open market, there is a wide range of products for you to choose, with less than R$100 per countertop. What a great price for a product with so many possibilities of use. Besides, you can go shopping online, such as, and

If your space is small or you want a different design, a cool tip is to look for the good service from a joiner. You can even buy the wood and create it differently, a customized wooden beach will fit with your space better. Mobile does not always fit well to the area available, so you should make more measurements, especially if your house does not follow the conventional measures.

The wooden countertops prices vary because of many reasons, such as the wood they use, whether the coating has paint and if it finishes in metals. The price of small models varies from R$50 to more than R$11000. And for skilled labor, a price survey is always important to ensure that there will be no disparate prices.