Minimalist Design That’s Why Choose it

There is no place identical to their own home, or at least that is what many think: have we ever wondered if our house is actually a source of stress? After days of hard work or long walks, often we are greeted by piles of laundry to wash and iron, dishes and dust on the shelves.

Our home can then generate great stress, especially if the husband and wife work outside the home and have little time to devote to the spaces.

Fortunately, you can change all environments so as to improve our mood, opting for minimalist design.

In order to achieve the peaceful and happy environments must therefore eliminate clutter, restoring the right balance between symmetry and minimalism.

minimalist design against bad mood

Thanks to some emerging research has been possible to demonstrate how the lighting, space and design of our bedrooms might influence our mood; studies that led to the birth of an innovative creation in architecture.

We are talking about an innovative development in which science and the brain are combined, thus giving rise to a design modern, functional and effective pillow for sleeping on Ezinesports.

For example, if a room is too messy, we could become anxious; if a room is too dark, we may feel depressed or gloomy; if a space is too bright, we could perceive greater stress.

For this reason it is good to choose one style of furniture can eliminate these potential problems.

With minimalist design we collect dust and allergens

Clutter collects dust: a fact that we can try quietly observing our house.

Often we find ourselves with tables, shelves and knickknacks covered with dust and it is not a pleasant situation and indicated to make our warm and cozy home.

Most of our areas will be filled with pieces of furniture, the greater the possibility of dust mites, dust and allergens from settling.

The minimalist design looks clean, tidy and warm.

A style that can make the home environment less stressful and basic.

Obviously we are not suggesting to eliminate every piece of furniture, but to use the most important and useful: we will not have to say goodbye to family photos and books.

If we decide to opt for this style of furniture, we must avoid to make the overly sterile environments as we perceive feelings of emptiness and sadness.

The simplicity and symmetry to keep calm

Our brain is a complicated organ and we can not understand how it works, even if it could be shown how he can react to the symmetry in a decidedly positive.

It might seem silly to add tables and lamps beside the sofa, but this choice will benefit our mood.

We will have to try to reach a balance in our internal areas.

I propose a minimalist symmetrical and simple design , so you can make happy everyone out at the door.

In order to maintain the calm you need to have order and cleanliness, avoiding getting angry and kicking baskets or bulky carpet: what matters is the essence.

Design and color help the mood

Most minimalist interiors sees the focus of a color light and natural.

Many homes that have decided to use this type of furniture also see large windows that allow to illuminate the rooms with natural light.

The dominant colors are neutral, with splashes of red and bright colors used sparingly to some walls.

The light and sober colors allow us to have a cozy, airy and spacious abode: a relaxing atmosphere that surely will make us more relaxed and happy.

It is always best to avoid too bright colors that create confusion in the eyes, as this would act against our emotions.

However, if you love the colors and we want to give joy to our home, we can do it in a balanced way, adding notes of a single color in all the rooms.

What does it mean? Red pillows on a white sofa paired with red pots which are placed next to a fireplace, embellishing the walls with red cords and accessories.

Any recommendations to create a minimalist home

In order to furnish our home using this style it is important to follow some precautions in order to avoid confusion and achieve the desired results.

First of all, you have to change a room at a time, focusing first on the bedroom; from here, we can think of many other ideas to decorate another environment.

Let’s start with furniture, trying to simplify the spaces: fewer moving parts there are, the better.

We focus on comfort and livability, selecting discrete pieces and simple soft colors.

We keep only what you really need, leaving only objects and the basic furniture: more interior design will be simpler and less work we do to reach our goal.

Let free the floors and take away what is not needed, a board that also applies to the flat surfaces.

We do not throw our things, but let’s put aside. We will have to keep everything what we need without having it on display, perhaps putting everything in drawers or cabinets.

We try to maintain order and use simple pieces of art, in order to give the environment an intriguing appearance, unique and not at all boring.

Green light to ease even as far as decorative objects, perhaps adding brightly colored accessories into a room off too.

We avoid excessively adorn the windows , preferring those remains or solid curtains.

When we decide to make a simple room, we have to observe, review and delete what you do not need.

After a first amendment, we wait another two days to notice other possible changes.

In a minimalist home it is very important to find a space for each house, choosing logical points and close to the object to be used, organizing the most of the available surfaces.

At the end of our work we will have no choice but to sit and relax, enjoying our home made ​​better from every point of view.