Meet the Church Transformed into an Incredible Modern House

Transforming an old structure into a new and completely different from the original design style is a challenge for many professionals. Especially if the proposal is to convert a decaying church in a modern and elegant home.

In Chicago, the United States, the architect Linc Thelen accepted this challenge. Instead of demolishing the structure and building a new residence on the ground, the architect and the clients chose to revitalize the interior, redistribute environments and keep characteristic elements of the pre-existing church, such as the stained glass windows, the entrance door and the original right foot almost 8 meters high.

With 511 square meters, built house has 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, large living room, fireplace and integrated dining room with the kitchen. At the entrance, sacred architecture is called by petrol blue door, stained glass shaped warhead and exposed brick wall.

In the living room, dining room and kitchen, the bet was in neutral colors, like white, brown and gray. Minimalist furniture and exposed lighting refers to and industrial style. Again the stained glass windows and huge steal the scene, highlighting the breadth of space and elegance in the interior design.

The floor of hydraulic tiles and blue in stools, mirror frame and the sink leave the  bathroom a charming and classic touch.

In the bedrooms, which are upstairs, you can notice the presence of more vibrant colors like green, orange and yellow. The choice of these colors brings more comfort and warmth to the room, without giving the coldness of white present in other environments.

The original format of the ceiling and wooden beams have been retained, and the decorative wallpaper left the room of one of the most cheerful and young children.

Some of the elements of the house were designed by the architect himself, as the climbing wall in the boys’ room, a dining table, chairs, and the nursery bed.

The end result is an inspiring, modern environment that respects the architectural origins of the church.