In Decoesfera we love that when Christmas is coming, you will share with us your Christmas decorations, trees, Nativity scenes and ornaments in general and especially those who are most original or made by yourselves. Today I’ve fallen in love of the tree that Bethlehem has done a magazine and whose photo has sent us, do not tell me that I have been you precious.

It is very easy to make, cheap, eco-friendly, cheerful and original. Bound journals are useless but the type Hi or Sunday supplements. How much more pages have the magazine, more abundant and beautiful will be the tree. Take a sheet, which want to. Fold the top right corner to the Center. Then turns to fold upon itself. Bottom is folded inward so that it is straight and you’re.

Bethlehem tells US how he did so, and as any of us can do it also, we see in the picture that also after He has placed some ornaments on the tree to make the result even more Christmas and more representative of what would be a traditional tree, for my taste not I would have been able to fit best, is great. If you also want to share your Christmas decorations, do not hesitate to let us know in our contact form.

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