Small lights enliven and decorate the room of children while adding useful bright spots as functional and aesthetic. Journey to the land of lights Little Laurie, a collection of luminaires specially reserved for toddlers to kids beautifully lit rooms.

Luminaires with trend patterns and poetic

Hyper trend, Star, cloud or flower patterns are available in stylish colors such as pink, gray and blue gray. These are the decorative night light collections of Cloud, Etoilis or purple, ideal for children’s room. Colorful metal, they adorn the room pretty current forms and also useful that deco illuminated keys! Perfect solutions for extra light, they effectively will inform a bed area.

Fun lamps for rooms in tune with the times

For budding adventurers, the Pirate black desk lamp is perfect with its contemporary look. Practical, its stem is flexible and adjustable. And for even more comfort, it lights with a push on the ideal base so also in bedside lamp! Bell shaped Diffuser delivers a focused light.
Playful and pop trend with patterns in peas of the Dots collection! Associated with flashy colors, these peas make up the rooms to look right in tune with the times. Association of red and fuchsia peas or lime green for the lamps to ask Dots: they play with their cubic foot ceramic, originality for a result very fashion. Wiser, the white and beige version is perfect to blend in classic style children’s rooms.

Delicate lamps for refined children’s rooms

At the same time poetic and chic, small lamps Wings and metal Flowers reveal a chiseled and broadcaster adorned with patterns in 3D in the shape of butterflies or openwork flowers. White or silver metal, they are ideal to illuminate rooms of children refined with light effects. Their base wooden them rank in lamps of style charm, perfect for composing a real Princess room!

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