In the battle to conquer cities, cyclists have a great enemy: the insecurity. To defend themselves, they need to be and be seen by all

In the battle for the conquest of the asphalt, bicyclists have several enemies, but on all of them certainly dominates the insecurity. They are much more vulnerable than other vehicles which share the road, especially if compared with SUVs unwieldy, immutable buses or vans that multiply several (many) times its size and its weight.

There is another that show clearly and Meridian. It is not the solution to all accidents, but many scares that may result, especially to the circular in fewer daylight hours and in areas poorly lit. Foci, vests and reflective tape sewn onto clothing and clothing color light are some of the recommendations to follow.

But in an industry that increasingly moves to more fans, many innovative minds are dedicating time and effort to this topic, how to get riders to see and be seen better. We collect some ideas in this direction.

A bike that lights up like a traffic sign

Lumen is called and is a model of bike designed to see perfectly in the dark. At first glance, it is a normal bike, dark gray. But things change when a spotlight illuminates her being in darkness. At that time acquired the appearance of a traffic signal, by reflecting the light of the focus and becoming fully visible, almost brilliant.

It has been developed by a company that manufactures bike handcrafted in San Francisco. Thanks to a partnership with Halo Coatings, another company focused on the application of reflective coverings on three-dimensional surfaces, has developed a retro-reflective printura composed of thousands of transparent spheres. Day, it is slightly shiny, but not particularly striking. Night is when it becomes important: each sphere reflects the light that receives, the more intense is the light (and is therefore closer to the car), more visible bicycle is made.

Lumen is in the process of collective Kickstarter funding, and in the absence of more than two weeks to close the term has already achieved its goal of raising $15,000 to start its production. That Yes, the price of these bikes is something to consider: the basic product is the picture of the bike, available for 499 dollars. You can also buy complete bikes, by 1.595, 1,245 and 2,500 dollars depending on the model.

LEDs on the wheels to transmit the motion

Revolights is another approach to the same solution: instead of shine bicycle using exterior light, this system consists of a series of wheel lights with leds that illuminate when driving, making visible to other vehicles not only his presence but also its movement and speed.

Developed by a Californian company, Revolights system can deploy in any bicycle wheels or buy the wheels already built-in, and can choose if they want to acquire two wheels or only one of them. Mimicking the lighting for the cars, front wheel lights on the back in red and white. Leds are fed a small battery that lasts four hours and that is recharged via USB.

The advantages of Revolight against Lumen are two. On the one hand, Revolight is designed not just to see you, but you want to see better, since the light is projected in front of you as a lighthouse, would lighting the way to go. On the other hand, this product is cheaper: $139 by turning on a single wheel, 229 for the complete set. It is not that it is a bargain, but the price is reduced.

However, the company behind Revolight has developed a final product, which also seeks funding on Kickstarter (in the absence of more than three weeks has achieved half of the goal), which functions as a brake light for bicycle: located on the rear wheel, uses motion sensors to detect the speed at which the rider moves and increases brightness or flicker when it begins to slow down Thus warning to cars. Its price is intended is less when it goes on sale: only 69 dollars.

It illuminates a grid before you to detect obstacles

A bump or a hole in the ground can be reason for a fall if you go cycling and don’t see them. We don’t refer to something large, a tunnel or a wall, but to smaller things that may go unnoticed in the shadows. So bikes are equipped with lights that illuminate the terrain ahead, but Lumigrids, awarded in the Red Dot design competition, is a system that improves the solution.

“It may be difficult for cyclists to make a precise idea of the State on the way to follow, even with a normal bicycle focus,” explained their creators. Therefore, its design consists of a beacon of leds that projects a grid on the floor, and thanks to parallel and perpendicular lines is easier to recognize the type of obstacle and its size despite the low light.

In addition to this function, grid is a way to warn other motorists of the position of the bike, so calculate the distances not to cause an accident. According to the design, Lumigrids works with an external battery or using the kinetic energy of the bike. The truth is that at the moment only exists as design, in such a way that it is not known how much it will cost or when it will be available (if it is that it becomes it).

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