Buy ceiling lamps is much more awkward than it might seem at first glance. The height of the ceiling, often limited to us and most are a little tired of bland embedded halogens, who in addition do not give one lighting suitable for all occasions.

Why I liked this lamp, that it meets all the requirements. It is original, with design, a material that I love, the porcelain, but with a current, very consistent design to merge both with antiques and Nordic-style.

Each porcelain screen shared the previous, larger shade and is the model for the next, smaller. The modeling process is conducted five times. With each model the effect of the firing of porcelain is repeated from clay.

Laura Strasser It is a young German designer who founded in 2009 a study for the design of products, with special attention on the porcelain and ceramic designs. Since then, he has worked on numerous projects and products, arising from continuous programmes and international fairs.

Do you like the Strasser style? Decorate with ceramic and porcelain is an ancient custom, both in Europe and in the East. Do you dare to decorate with? White Gold whether ancient or modern?

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