This post is in response to one of the questions that you have made in our Decoesfera answers section: how to transform an antique furniture to the Gustavian style.

We all have some House furniture antique, that we want not to undo but which are killed with our decor. A good way to give new life is by using different techniques of decorative painting.

Each restaurateur has a way of doing things, none of the restaurateurs I worked with over the years was nothing like, depends on the country, the generation or simply of the teacher who have had. In restoration everything can be reversible if done well. This is to say that if within a time want furniture to retrieve your original appearance, You can get it following a series of specific guidelines and that we will always serve for any type of restoration or transformation.


The first thing is that the furniture must be very clean. We must dispel old varnish, so we will be with a 000 steel wool, that you can buy in any craft store or even department stores. We will make a mixture with turpentine and spirit in equal parts (is important to work in a place well ventilated because the smell of pure turpentine is very intense).

We clean up all the furniture to remove old varnish. We are on the basis that the furniture is old, is painted with natural or crankpin varnish. If a piece of furniture varnished with synthetic, We should buy stripper and use a scraper or spatula, removed the remains of the stripper with solvent.


Clean once the furniture is sanded thoroughly, because a good sanding is essential for a perfect finish. Then dirt will be removed with a cloth soaked in alcohol to get a clean surface. With our furniture clean and perfectly sanding we begin with painting.


The Gustavian style is bright, it’s furniture neo-classical Nordic. Usually colors in the range of the Blue-Green – grey, or the commonly called broken white o Antique white. If the color is one determined to coordinate with a tapestry or a wallpaper, you should carry a piece of fabric or paper to the paint shop where mixed to get the color you want, always Matt.

A trick that is sometimes used, assuming that the Cabinet, although the former is not a museum piece, and always used in newly purchased furniture, is where you saw that the pores of the wood are very open should give a hand of impregnating compounds, spend less time and less paint.

The materials you’ll need are: in case of a furniture very large as a dresser or Cabinet, a roller small and one brush small for details like legs, trim, etc. (if the brush is new you do not forget to give a) boil in vinegar, fundamental so as not lose hair) if the furniture is small you mend with a medium-sized brush. To paint does not lack that are a few very good brushes, with some currents (not bad, those are for paint stripper), can paint well.

We must paint the furniture of the chosen color, loading the brush well, but it does not drip. Once painted all the furniture will be expected to be completely dry, 24 hours or maybe more in winter in wetlands. Then water sandpaper pass him gently as if there is damage. We must now decide if our Gustavian will be aged or not.

If it is that we won’t, repeat the operation with a second layer and the white-painted or gilded moldings If you have them, and we want to protect the surroundings with painter’s tape, topping, after drying and subsequent sanding with a thin layer of transparent Matt varnish to protect furniture hits, etc..


In the event that we want to Aging our furniture, giving you a finish Decoupage, We will start to paint again and until it dries withdraw part of the paint with a cloth of cotton or FLOSS lightly soaked in turpentine (pure turpentine), leaving it to see the under wood. Subsequently be expected drying times and if you wish can wipe you a cloth with bitumen of Judea (very little and very blurred so that it emborrone not our color). It should also give a hand of varnish to protect, always transparent and matte.

Encourage you to transform an outdated or raw furniture to the Gustavian style.The result will surprise you!

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