The cottage table decoration is one of the alternatives available for passionate, simple, delicate and rustic compositions. Recourse to the style to dispose of special meals helps to leave the composition of the table even more charming, organized and striking. Born in France, the cottage style refers to the peasants and the simple life of the countryside, in addition, is easily compared to the Provencal, decorative trend of the same country and that features similar concepts to the cottage.

To bet on the decoration of cottage table you need to invest in key parts, in general, items that expose all the simplicity, beauty and sophistication of the countryside. A purposely worn vase with mild flowers, towel and table path in lighter shades more ceramics produced are some of the options for that. Check out tablecloth suggestions from Wholesaleably, inspire yourself with us and bet on decorating table cottage!

Ideas for Creating the Decoration of Cottage Table

Creating a cottage table decor is a simple way to compose meals in a delicate, romantic and simple way. With the use of decorative solutions like this, in addition to innovate in the composition of the table, you still amaze guests and family when leaving the styles that you always invest. To inspire you with the possibilities offered by the Cottage table decoration we separate some special tips for you:

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Flowers Are Essential–flowers are basic accessories to bring charm to any composition. More than that and especially in cottage table decoration, they help give the field touch to meals, take a touch of freshness and nature to the environment. Place them in central vases in the cottage decoration, distribute them by bottles or even in teapots are possible paths.

Worn Parts–choosing worn-out parts and accessories is another valid tip for those seeking to bet on the cottage decoration. A wooden table with aged visual, jars and crockery made of ceramics with cracks by the structure are some of the alternatives. There are a serious brands that rely on products made in this visual.

The Power of White–the white color is one of the shades that help reinforce not just the decoration of cottage table, as the style by a whole in any composition. Parts used on the table, example of cups, vases and dishes can be chosen in this color specially to intensify the decoration of cottage table.

A cottage decoration for a breakfast on sunny day, a lunch with the family in the outer area or afternoon snack with a fresher climate always helps make these simple moments very special!

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