Trimmers have always had ‘status’ of fine furniture, found in houses or apartments. But over time, the play won reinterpretations. Today can be found in various sizes, made of numerous materials and finishes.

Despite the popularity, your function is still the same as always: to give convenience and beauty to the environment.

The mobile is ‘democratic’. Goes well if it is destined to social areas of residence, combines them into rooms, balconies, and in the background, corridors–when they are large enough-and in rooms. But assessing the use of the trimmer is something indispensable.

The architect of the Adoiz architecture, Gabriel Negrão, explains that the tenant should ask themselves if there is room and need for him. “Worth evaluating, thinking about use and area occupied by him. After that, in the event of a ‘yes’, just choose a template that has the measures proportionate to the layout of the environment “, guides.

The trimmer and its functions

Made of wood, glass, aluminum; painted with lacquer, coated entirely with mirrors, leather … the list of trimmers found in the market is huge. They are available in large and small shops of decoration, from the most famous and respected even to the simple. And in every room of the house are used for a specific function.

In a dining room, for example, your role is to serve as support to the table. “In an event or meal, everything that does not fit on the table goes to the trimmer. When this one has doors and storage space, the name changes and turns the well-known buffet, “says Negrão.

A sideboard in a lobby serves entirely as something aesthetic. It is occupying a space not to have a “hole” in the area and serves to support an arrangement, decorative boxes, picture frames and other objects. In a living room, it can also have an aesthetic character, but also practical. This happens when you use it in conjunction with a cellar for wine tasting, located below it. At the top are some bottles, or a more sophisticated tray with glasses. The trimmer is turned into a bar.

In a balcony, it assumes the same functions of a living room or dining. Can be purely aesthetic, with some arrangements, as much as practical. Trimmer can be used as mobile support in time to serve that barbecue on the porch.

Finally, in a room, or “closet”, the sidebar is ‘ elevated ‘ to the vanity or makeup table. “So many options make the play one of the most versatile furniture of the House”, completes the architect.

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