How to Use Banks in the Decoration

After all, how to use banks in the decoration? I took these amazing tips on the website. Helped me a lot and I hope to help them. Check out!

How to use banks in the decoration?

01-The kitchen

In the kitchen, the operative word is practicality. If the idea is to create an environment in which they are made just like the fast-food breakfast, give preference to stools without backrests. They refer to the idea of brevity.

» Facilitate cleaning. Prioritize parts made with easy-to-clean surfaces, such as metal, plastic and upholstered in leather.

» In compact kitchens, try leaving the area of free movement. In this case, stackable banks are the best option.

02-Dining room


In environments such as the dining room, prioritize comfort. The place seats around a table or counter for large meals, choose models that rely on backrest. This type of play gives the support needed to enjoy good times with friends and family.

» The stools with height adjustment mechanisms allow use on counters and tables of various sizes. They also make it easy to find the ideal position for people with different biotypes.

03-The bar


To let the relaxed position high banks around the bar. The bar needs to be a comfortable and relaxing environment. To facilitate the arrival and departure, opt for rotating seats. Thus, the person does not need to drag it to move.

» The tip is valid for all environments. High stools must count with footrest. This gives stability for those uses.

04-The room


In this space, banks can be used as a wildcard. Bet on them! In the living room or home cinema, the bank can carry out various roles to be positioned strategically. Bet on the mini banks as footrests.

» Medium or low benches can be used as side table.

» Use stools to support objects used in home cinema.

» Benches with 2 or 3 seats can be chosen to replace a rack.

» Use the bank as a trimmer and rest on it books and accessories.

05-The Office

In office, choice for banks aimed at quick meetings. Each person sitting must occupy an average of 60 cm wide. To know how many banks include, simply divide the measured side of the table for this number.

06-The bedroom

In the room, choose a versatile piece. She can exercise different functions. Next to the bed, can be used as nightstand and receive a charming table lamp.

» At the foot of the bed, the Bank takes the monotony of the environment, giving submission to the base of the bed. In addition to being a great place to position linens, plays the role of table for a delicious breakfast served in the room.

» In front of the wardrobe, enter a bank. It will be a great support for the choice of visual and time to put your shoes on.

07-The bathroom


In this space, bet on usefulness. Position a bank next to the sink, it helps to have the certain objects always at hand. Let on he towels, sponges, soap.

08-The garden


In this area, the play won the protagonist! To make the most of the space, place the 3 or 2 bench seats on one side of the table and, on the opposite side, invest in chairs! The practicality of this element gives extra charm to the space.