How to Treat Curly Hair at Home

Curly hair is beautiful as delicate here is a list of 9 things to know to take care of in the right way and acconciarli to perfection!

The curly hair is certainly not the easiest to treat and the most versatile, but still allow you to try different cuts and hairstyles original.

To take care of in the best way and acconciarli, try these tricks.

Here they are:

1. The gel DIY

This gel made ​​at home is a great help to avoid frizz .

To achieve it, boil flaxseed and grapefruit seed extract in water, which then’ll pan.

Let cool and use.

2. How best to use the hair dryer

Once the hair has been washed and the balm was applied, the hair dryer is not to be used immediately, but must be removed excess water by blotting the hair with a towe .

After doing this, you can pick up the hair dryer and blow dry your hair with the head facing downwards: in this way the curls will be more severe.

3. Beware of brushes!

Brushing curly hair will lead them to expand, making you look like a hedgehog, and tearing Visco elastic pillow.

Instead of using the brush, it is better to prefer a comb with wide teeth , to be used when the hair is still wet: in fact in this way will be easier to untangle the hair and give them a form.

4. Apply the product with wet hair

The best time to apply a product on the hair is when they are still wet or even damp.

In fact, at this time the product will work better, making them more consistent.

5. A moisturizing mask

Any hair needs to be hydrated and nourished to stay healthy.

This is why it is good to invest in a good moisturizing hair mask to be applied on the hair once a week or once every two.

6. A massage

One way to open curly ee give body to the hair without causing frizz is to massage your hair with your fingers.

With your fingers, make small circular movements on the whole scalp.

7. How to make hair grow fast

Sometimes you missed a haircut and you would want to make them grow more quickly to undo the damage.

To do this, the hair must be untangled often, massaged, you have to eat healthy food and avoid using styling tools such as plates.

8. A soft pillow

Curly hair should be well cared for while you are sleeping.

For this the ideal choice is to sleep on a soft silk pillow.

9. Staining

Two weeks before making a tint to the hair, it is good to make a reinforcing mask.

For curly, given their form, have open cuticles and therefore are more fragile of straight hair: for this is a good thing strengthen them.