How to Make Safari Party Decoration Step by Step



Get inspired in the animal Kingdom and bet on safari party decorations

A child’s birthday is a time to turn the day of the child in a dream event, always seeking to please the little when choosing how to theme the party what he loves the most. For children who love nature and the animal Kingdom, having a party with the Safari theme is a great option. Inspired by the tips and bet on Safari party decorations.

Versatile Party

Today the division of things for boys and things for girls has been and what matters is the child have space to express yourself the way you want. So the party safari is a versatile theme that attracts all the children, after all, at that age they have an instinct of exploration and adventure that combines completely with the theme. The important thing, therefore, is to meet the child in your party, regardless of genre.


The safari party decorating is based on nature and so the can’t miss green, as well as vibrant colors to remember elements of the forest. Brown also has space decoration, after all, represents the wood from the trees. Gathering this information you will be able to choose a color palette for use at the party without errors. The well of color is that each of them has different nuances, thus allowing you to play with green tones creating a fun environment.

Local Party

Safari party decoration combines with an outdoor celebration, being held in the backyard or at a park in your town where they can be held birthday parties. Choosing a location open and in touch with nature you will have help from natural environmental elements in the decoration of your party. However the party safari can also be performed in a salon or indoors, if the day is rainy, for example, and you turn the place into a real jungle.

Safari Party Decoration Tips

With the palette in mind and the location of the party chosen, it’s time to think on safari party decorations. You can find lots of inspiration on the internet that will help you create your decor-the important thing is to have creativity and thinking always in transforming the environment into a place to call attention of the little ones. Inspired by the safari party decorating tips and mount your.

* Rustic Materials 

When choosing what type of material you will use, think of rustic materials referring to nature.So, throw hand of materials such as straw, wood, sisal, shredded canvas, wooden mats, among others. Craft supply stores are great for finding items to your safari party decorations.

* Plants 

Can’t miss party decoration plants safari and to achieve the effect, if your party is not in an external environment, you can opt for artificial plants, which are much cheaper – and if you search you can find realistic examples. If you prefer you can also recreate EVA plants or green cards.

* Animal Print or Camouflage 

To get in the mood of safari bid hand of wild animal prints such as zebra and tiger. You can easily find fabrics with these prints in specialist shops and make towels to decorate the tables where guests will sit. Another idea is to use camouflage prints that also refer to safari. You can use this type of pattern on the cake and make a Panel to put behind the candy table.

* Wildlife 

To give the tone of the theme of the party you need the wild animals, keys to a safari. Bet on giraffes, tigers, lions, zebras and elephants in time to think about what animals use. You can make the little EVA or use stuffed animals scattered throughout the environment.

* Photo Panel

A good tip for safari party decorating is to make a special area for photos, where little can pose with family and friends. For that, make a panel that refers to the jungle using a lot of foliage, animals and animal prints. If you want you can make the whole Panel using colored cardboard, EVA, crepe paper and whatever else you find interesting. The trick is to use a mixture of materials to create depth in the foliage.

* Details 

Invest in the details of the party as the tins for the candy, the support, the cutlery, plates and cups all with pets or camouflage pattern, well the theme.

Safari party decorations can be a great idea for birthday fun adults and small children with a lot of adventure. Knowing how to characterize, the decor of your party will be literally animal.