The pillowcases of pillows can change the whole look of a room without buying new pillows. Because most pillows cannot be washed and dried in the machines, using removable pillowcases you can remove and clean when they get dirty. When you cover, you do not need to put zippers and accessories. Instead, it uses a dual system, much easier to sew.


1.Measure and cut a square of fabric 33 to 33 cm. Cut two rectangles, each of 33 to 20 cm.

2.Fold the long side of a rectangle more than 0.5 cm and press. Fold the other edge 0.5 cm and press. Sew a 0.5 cm flap along the folded edge. Repeat this process for the long end of the other rectangle.

3.Put on the right side of the square and the right side of the rectangles together, contrasting the flap toward the center of the square. Overlap the two rectangular pieces where you are intercepting, aligning the other three sides with the sides of the square piece.

4.Make a seam of 0.5 cm along the four sides of the square of the cloth. Rotate the cover to the right.

5.Sew a 0.5 cm flap along the outermost edge of the pillowcase to make a small strip of adjustment for the outside of the pillow. Insert the pillow inside the pillowcase.

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