How to Make Light from Tripod

The series “WhATA make repair” entering a final phase. On the occasion we will not only carry over bags of clothes and boxes of pots during the holidays, but decided to compose some practical job.

Floor Lamp with Tripod

Commenting lot of people heeded the floor lamp in the living room, which we painfully, clumsily, but his ambitious assembled themselves from an antique surveying tripod. So below is an impromptu tutorial on how to make such a lamp step by step.

Materials Required

  • Surveying tripod (01) – from an antique shop or basement
  • Socket (02), cable (03), a plug (04) Key (05) – all from the nearest hardware
  • Bulb (06) – the same hardware store or supermarket
  • Hat- optional, maybe no

How Is It Done

Tripod clean as desired izshkuryava and LED light bulbs. We have forsaken our way it was.

Socket is connected to one end of the cable. The cable is cut somewhere in the middle and there is mounted key and at the end of the cable – plug.

Socket is placed in the hole of the tripod underneath, on top put the ring to it. Screw the bulb, put the hat and tighten it with the ring.

If your prices parquet underfoot can put pads.


Those of you who were at the Forum House, probably found in tubes black and white printout on which measure something. No, no advertising of Genesis, that leadership is. Now you can print it in color.

Expect what benefits – post with craftsmen companies and our impressions of them, and even curtains, decorations and trifles.