How to Make a Vegetable Garden in Pots

The items that you need to have are the vessels (with drains), the seedlings, tools that can be purchased in kits for gardening, as well as a drainage material (gravel, clay stone may be expanded or small pieces of brick or tile), blanket for drainage or sand, a substrate and finally if you like gravel or bark of pinus.

Vases for vegetable gardens-how to prepare

The preparation of the vessel is simple: at the bottom of the pot put the expanded clay or other drainage material above add the manta or sand, and then put the substrate. To plant, make a hole in the substrate and remove the change of the water where you came from carefully, putting her in the grave and covering with the substrate until the height of the base. If you want to use gravel or bark of pinus, place then. Finally, drizzle the change without soaking.

After doing this with all the seedlings just put the pots in a place with sunlight, because this factor is important in the growth of plants, and water them once a day, taking care not to water too much (check by placing your hand on the earth, and see if it’s still wet, and if they are, don’t drizzle).

If you’re using compost, choose organic source as humus, avoiding chemical fertilisers. Now just take care of your garden of spices with love and will always have fresh spices to use and create your delicious recipes!