Who has not had to deal with big cartons for packing? Many families not knowing what to do with them I got bullied, while others have used it in my hour of need for removals. But with a little creativity, fantasy and imagination many people have turned a simple cardboard in decorative items, more or less useful. Some people have built frames by using shells, other boxes or tins, still others have covered diaries standing out for their originality. Us with a little patience, we’ll create a simple but original clock from kitchen to show off who we want.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • made of cardboard
  • PVA glue
  • mechanism for clock
  • scissors
  • colored cardboard, Havana, Brown
  • stencil for numbers
  • screwdriver or sharp pencil
  • kneaded Eraser

As a first step of this guide, using scissors, cut out a rectangle of cardboard pressed the desired size and color and dress it with a corrugated cardboard. Latter fixed to the support with a brush dipped in glue and repeat the procedure several times to have a better adhesion. Get a piece of cardboard and put it under the kneaded Eraser in the shape of a rectangle, placing it more or less in the middle. With a sharp pencil or with a Phillips make a hole on the opposite side to where you put the rubber and knocks out the cardboard. What you will need to insert the clock mechanism without damaging the underlying surface to work.

Cut from colored construction paper and cardboard Havana two rectangles of different sizes (one smaller than the other) and with the mod podge glue in the Center and redo the previously created hole. With a mask for the stencils, prepared the numbers drawn on the back of the cardboard Brown wavy and cut them out carefully. If you don’t have a stencil mask, take a piece of construction paper and draw the numbers for your dashboard. It takes the 3, 6, 9 and 12. Then cut them out with scissors and color them, like making your clock more detail than using the stencil.

Paste the numbers; 3, 6, 9, 12 in the right position of the clock always using glue and a paint brush. Take your watch and laying down in the back of it, top center, using the hot glue a hook hang pictures so that we can hang the wall object. Mounts with delicacy the clock mechanism and slips her hands in the quadrant. Thats it your cardboard time machine is ready to be hung as a wall clock. Very useful both as an ornament to put at home or as a gift to give to whoever you want.

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