The entrance to a home showing a space the size of a small room. Entering the house ourselves and gaining first impressions there.

Today we’ll look at 10 major rules that is good to keep in mind when furnishing hall. We hope to be useful for those who are going to shape the old one or wonder what vision opt for its new hall in the home.

  1. Plaster, paneling or wallpaper for the walls

As we have often commented, materials and trim in a room are an important part of the overall view of space.

If you love clean spaces, bet on fresh plaster. Nowadays, there are many different species that serve even insulation. You could select one with pearl glare or simply apply it peeled for a stronger effect.

Wallpaper is also an excellent choice for furnishing hall. Their peculiarity is that always bring an extra dose comfort. Patterned, shiny or very ordinary, you can stick them both on all the walls and just to emphasize through them. Take the matter of their color and overall design concept. Fashion are those of bamboo. Wooden or laminated finishes are a trend in modern design hall.

  1. Furniture

When it comes to furniture in the hall or cabinet for storing shoes are the first things I recommend you secure. Choose a traditional or unconventional vision as the overall style of your home.

When we get home and have to put off their jackets good to have where to metnem. Therefore get necessarily hangers, and if you have enough space, add a bench, chair or stool for more convenience.

Each of the furniture in the space can stand alone and can be set with the other. This usually depends on the style and the size of the room.

  1. Flooring

Usually, the choice of floor in the entrance hall of the house is granite, tiles or other similar surface. It is not excluded, however, and increasingly benefit laminated surfaces. This ensures an extra dose of warmth and coziness to the interior. If we talk about styles, this option may be a mountain or beach family villa with retro or vintage look, for example.

Choosing tiles cover the floor, you could also style atmosphere, choose a location / usually the middle of the hallway / where to put figural image for emphasis. This trend is increasingly popular solution if your goal is to achieve a contemporary look of the home.

  1. Lighting

Light in any part of the house is a factor that should not be ignored. So it is with the choice of lighting for the hall. Assuming that our corridor no access to windows or access to daylight will need to secure adequate lighting to replace it.

Very popular are LED panels and moons for this part of the dwelling. Modern look ceilings with built freckles under suspended ceiling. This option gives a more subdued look of the lights. Commercially you can find and relay switches that allow to adjust the level of lighting.

  1. Colors

When we talk about colors in interior design, we often mention the importance of tones common vision. Whites, pastels and other light shades guarantee you more open vision of the room. The choice of strong colors gives a categorical and heaviness in the atmosphere, but some people are looking for just that. The bright colors in the foyer bear mood on entry home. Whatever color you choose for this part of your home are advised to comply with the general background of the dwelling to achieve a harmonious interior.

  1. Decoration

Each room looks more beautiful when it is selected appropriate decoration. In a hall highlights may be numerous small, fashionable appearance. Good place to put them is as recessed niches on the wall. Depending on the style of furniture, decoration could be a light in the form of posters or illuminated signs on the wall. Wicker baskets and beautiful colored rugs on the floor will fit in a hall of a small family house in the mountains.

Pictures or images on the walls are a good solution for corridors in modern housing. They are not cluttering the area but give their failing vision of space.

  1. Election of natural materials and fabrics

An increasingly common trend in interior design is to choose natural materials and fabrics. The furnishing of the hall is no exception. Fashion will always be wood flooring, cotton upholstery benches, hemp or bamboo mats and rugs and stone finishes. In this fast-paced commercial world, seemed increasingly feel the need to turn to nature.

  1. Visually expand the space with mirrors

This trend is not determined by the selection of furniture, and usually depends on the layout of the attic and some of the walls in the room. The most successful way of opening the area is the placement of large platforms with mirrors. If plastered one wall or put the mirror on the ceiling will surely achieve visually expand the space. Be careful with the choice of position mirrors, refer it to the entrances and exits when we have a large mirrored wall there and risk reflect inappropriate object. The perfect choice is a mirror against a blank wall to no distracting reflections against him.

  1. Storage sites

As everywhere in the home and in the hall, have important places to store belongings. It’s wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. This is a decision that must comply with the size, shape and style of the room. Built-in wardrobes and niches in the wall is the perfect solution for small areas. If you do not have extra pantry and closet, you can store your seasonal outerwear and footwear and this will significantly facilitate our choice for the day. Each hollow space in the hall by becoming a sector with drawers for example.

To avoid clutter of furniture, we could put shelves at a higher level on the wall. These places are suitable for hats, gloves and keys our example.

Vertical storage cabinets and open shelves are also often the preferred solution.

  1. Cleaning

Last but not least, when we furnish the hall is advisable to comply with the possibilities for cleaning. Every housewife needs to be facilitated in this regard. For this purpose there are several conditions that have to comply. For starters, choose a low-maintenance flooring and less furniture. Do not adorn the cabinets with many small accents do not have to lift everything one by one when you wipe the dust.

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