How to Fight Wrinkles Naturally

To delay and fight the arrival of the first wrinkles, you can make small everyday actions that help your skin to remain toned and smooth.

There comes a time in a woman’s life in which case the unspeakable: the arrival of the first wrinkle.

It is an event that occurs around the age of thirty, and may lead to two reactions: a rational and calm, accepting with peace of mind that time passes and some rocket of expression is the norm and in fact can even donate a certain charm, and then another, hysterical and very scared, so that sign on the face marks the ‘ beginning of the end.

If you belong to the last category, and you’ve already bought an arsenal of creams and creams to make your perfect skin , or you are already terrified that soon will sprout the first wrinkles, you should know that there are simple steps you can do to help your skin stay toned and smooth.

Remember, however, it is inevitable that the wrinkles come, sooner or later, and that the best solution is to take it philosophically!

That said, these are the tips to comb at the first wrinkles:

1. Beware of the sun

Unfortunately the sun is a bitter enemy of the skin: it favors the’ cellular aging.

Protect yourself from the sun is so important to keep the skin young and it’s something that should not be done only in summer, when you are on the beach to the sea, but throughout the year, even in those overcast days when the sun does not own I see.

So green light to sunscreen or even foundation containing a protection with custom pillowcases.

2. Wear safety goggles

Do not wear glasses when you need it can lead to making squint : a way to promote chicken legs!

Whether it’s sunglasses or eyeglasses, we must resign ourselves: in times of need should be placed, to protect themselves from the sun or just to be able to read.

Warning: sunglasses must have good lenses, otherwise no avail.

3. Hydration

The body is composed of nearly 90% of water and to this must hydrate in an appropriate manner; if this is not done, with regard to the skin, it is likely to rinsecchirsi.

To avoid this, just drink lots of water and use moisturizers.

In addition to aid hydration it is best to avoid foods with too much sugar or too much salt.

4. A good rest

Sleep makes you beautiful !

It is really true: sleep at least eight hours a night helps to eliminate dark circles , bags under the eyes and the color gray or greenish.

But sometimes you just do not stand for an appropriate time, but also need to sleep in a position that “overwork” as little as possible the skin: in this way the most appropriate position is on your back, because then you avoid supporting his face on pillow.

If just do not manage to sleep in this way, you can opt for a silk pillowcase , gentler on the skin.

5. Make Up

Sometimes when you put make-up make-up remover, or you tend to pull the skin to put the eyeliner properly or to remove all make-up residues: it is a gesture that should be avoided so as not to stress the skin.

A stressed skin is in fact more susceptible to wrinkles.

However it is very hard to be sensitive at times and this can be a useful eye cream and lip balm.

6. buffeted

A tip only the most obsessed.

Any facial expression implies that the skin is pulled or otherwise subjected to stress; for this can be avoided grimacing, tongue out and excessive smiles.

Ma ne vale la pena?

Better a more wrinkles than a smile in the least!