How to Decorate Shelves?

How to decorate shelves? Racking can be almost impossible to avoid (after all, all have books at home, right?). The problem is that, if not done right, the shelf can create a sense of cluttered living room, for example. To decorate right, you must first: clear the clutter, get rid of all the objects that are not as beautiful enough to leave exposed. Consider this a recipe to decorate well any shelf. Check out all a beautiful shelf must have:

How to Decorate Shelves?

  1. Your Favorite Books

Sometimes you don’t even like so much of the content of the book. Buy a book just because of the pretty cover, is not a sin, says Frearson. “Some coffee table books are so beautiful that they deserve to be exposed as an accessory.”

  1. High Decorative Items

High shelves need an even higher point on it. Otherwise, gives the feeling that there’s something missing from the shelf. You can even place decorative objects in a stack of books to add height, if necessary.

  1. Frames

No need to exaggerate. But some nice photos and images are essential for a nice rack.

  1. Plants

According to Frearson, you don’t need an entire garden and anything in excess is cool. It can be false without plant problems. The important thing is to create the feeling of a little life in your shelf.

  1. Art

It’s good to break books with beautiful objects as original sculptures, vases, or other items. This breaks the repetitive lines on the shelf.

  1. Decorative Boxes

You can find beautiful decorative boxes in stationery stores. In addition to being great for storing small treasures and important memories, also let you take another pattern and more depth for the decoration of your shelf.