The black and white bathroom is a bathroom of character, and even more so when she dresses retro style decidedly elegant. Demonstration in pictures…

The black and white bathroom with retro look, is choosing to soften the association and chic black and white character. The bathroom black and white spirit retro is characterized by warm and curved lines that soothe. We tell you how to reproduce this effect in you!

How to create the black and white bathroom retro?

We assimilate often retro style pastel color, fantasy and this charm that turns out to be comforting. We rarely imagine a retro bathroom dressed in black and white, and yet, this association of neutral effect with this style! Because by choosing authentic materials and elegant materials, the black and white turn out otherwise. Starting with the floor covering. For a retro style vintage, we adopt on the cement tile! A way to reconsider the tones. For sobriety, it will build on a white wall and a black ground (stained parquet), for the surprise, we prefer color wall in black and let the white ground (with tiling or parquet bleached) and for fantasy, wallpaper patterns that mixes black and white for a retro-baroque effect will be adopted.

The black and white bathroom retro, for what bathroom?

Whether it’sa small bathroom or a room for a large family, the black and white were all good. Of course, for not to stifle the piece, black will appear on accessories and pieces of furniture (the bathtub, for example) to leave the rest of the all-white bathroom and play with the height and depth. Thus, the small bathroom black and white will be chic and sober, focusing on the essential. For the bathrooms spacious there obviously more freedom in the choice of the locations of the colors and the choice of materials, but must be taken to not overload the space with black. Black must be well balanced to mingle with the white and not cover white. As for the association of black and white works perfectly, the mixture must be well balanced…

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