How to Create a Vertical Garden

If you live in an apartment or in a small house and you think you won’t be able to have a green corner for lack of space, we today will show that it is possible! A simple idea that has pleased a lot of people are going to do with that you can finally have a green area in your house with flowers or even the spices that you like.

This wonder is the vertical garden, which allows you to take advantage of any space on the wall of the balcony or other room and has various plants making the environment more pleasant. We’re going to teach you today how to make a vertical garden simple, and you’ll see how great it looks!

How to make a vertical garden

Well, for starters there are a few different types of vertical garden, being some of the most common and inexpensive the made with pet bottle, coir and half moon vase. Choose the one that has more to do with your taste and what you think will look better in your house.

Regardless of the method you choose, it is recommended to insulate the wall, and in the case of making coir is a necessary point.

Then, choose the plants that will be placed on the vertical garden. People would like to choose plants that like a lot of sun and rain. If you don’t have much time to take care of them, choose species that don’t need much water.

Vertical garden pet bottle

To make the vertical garden of pet bottle you will need a place for support, which can be a truss bought ready iron or wood or improvised with for example a box bed small or a small gate. After deciding which truss uses, it’s time to make the spider pet bottle.

One of the most common ways is to use the tip of the bottle cut, since their design is beautiful. In this case, the mouth of the bottle will be the bottom of the vase. The cut should be done around 12cm from the mouth. The lid should have a small hole to drain the water.

To hold the vase in trellis, use a support or a wire. In the case of wire, cut two small holes near the border to 2cm away from each other and pass the wire.

Before putting the plant, place at the bottom of the vase a piece of blanket so that the substrate does not clog the water drain hole. Then just put in the vessels the plants you chose and hang on the truss.

Vertical garden Coco fiber

The other type of vertical garden is made with coconut fiber. In this case, buy coconut fiber plates of the model includes a built-in vase made of fiber, where you put the chosen plant.

To attach the wall you can screw the plate directly or screw timbers and wood on the wall parallelly, so the wall is not in direct contact with the fiber.

Vertical garden with half moon vase

The last type of vertical garden that quote is done with half moon vases.

It is super simple, just buy the spider veins and trap them in a truss or directly on the wall, and then put the plant of your choice inside.