How to Choose a Wall Clock

Wall clocks are an indispensable complement to any interior. Get a genuine and accurate clock, thanks to which he will not miss any important meeting. We will advise you how to choose a wall clock and find out what types of classes are currently at odds.

How to choose a wall clock

Wall clocks can be selected by many aspects – for example, by the size of the dial and hands, displaying numbers, shape, color or brand. Quality wall clock will not be prevented or delayed. Other clocks fits into the kitchen, another will be removed in your bedroom a different model will thrill your kids in the nursery.

Selecting the clocks affects the size and shape of the dial. Someone prefers classical Arabic numerals, another prefers the Roman numerals. The numbers on the clock can also be marked differently or may not be labeled at all. Someone more like a round design, others prefer sharper angular features.

Classic, retro or modern wall clock

Selected type of clocks should correspond with the style of furniture and furnishings for your home. If you have an older home or a rustic wooden furniture, we recommend choosing one of the simpler clocks that easily by matching with other elements in the room. In your interior will remove quality clocks from wood or plastic, which does not require almost no care.

A good choice is a modern wall clock made ​​of metal – act humbly and simply. As for the color, the clock is proven in natural tones of white, black or brown. Metal clock can also be the traditional silver.

Wall clock design is particularly well suited to modern homes. Such clocks and pot and sometimes even revives interior. Its innovative implementation are able to attract the attention of anyone who looks at them. Material modern clocks Choose whichever what prevails in your home. Metal, plastic, wood or glass? Imagination has no limits for wood wall clocks. Likewise, you can be creative in choosing colors. Be careful, however, to reconcile the selected clocks with furniture, textiles, paint the walls and floor of the room.

Location clocks

Practical wall clock can be hung on the kitchen counter, modern wall clock will be removed over your bed or above the sofa in the living room. Hours of footage instead of just a few square centimeters.

Modern wall clock in the room hang up so you can easily find out how much their hands now show. It should therefore be clearly visible from all sides – in the case of the living room connected to the kitchen from the dining table should be in the nursery back from his desk.

Branded clock on the wall impress

Wall Clock buying every day. And so it is good to think carefully about their purchase and invest in quality hours that will be for several years to work reliably without failure. Modern wall clock in traditional and timeless design brings you a brand Nextime, Karlsson, Discoclock, Balvi or nomon.

For brand Nextime can choose from the original and classic pieces that are connected to the forty-year history. The market is given a leading Dutch designers. Karlsson designer wall clock again delight all lovers of luxury. Hours of this brand are very unusual and available at very reasonable prices. If you are looking for luxury wall clock and a love of their precise execution of paying a supplement, we recommend a top- hour nomon that stand out for their creative and timeless design. These modern wall clocks will remove all luxuriously furnished interiors.

Design wall clock has no limits

Gone are the days when hung on the walls of the rooms only wall clock circular shape with straight, black hands. Today we can see the designer wall clock many shapes and sizes. Often we encounter on a really extravagant design, which mimics the shape of a clock household use, or other known cause. Such wall clock supplied to the interior of the original cast. Among the interesting types include various practical embodiments of hours, as the clock clips for placement memo papers or imitation school boards, which can be written in chalk.