How to Build a Super Bright Flashlight

The flashlights you can buy in stores all have a single fail-beam of light projects is rather weak due to the low powered light bulb inside. You can make a flashlight projects a powerful beam by replacing the light bulb with a more powerful one. You need batteries to power the new bulb and will have to adapt an existing flashlight to be able to work with the new bulb and batteries. No electronic skill is needed, and the powerful flashlight you will do can be completed within an hour.

You need:


  • Newspaper.
  • Industrial “AA” flashlight.
  • Portable drill.
  • Krypton bulb flashlight.
  • 3:03 a.m.-volt lithium batteries.
  • More on Garyflashlights.




  1. Add the newspaper on a table. Unscrew the reflector from the end of the industrial flashlight. Remove the reflector ring around the open edge of the flashlight. Remove the plastic lens from the inside of the reflector. Throw the plastic lens.


2. Remove the bulb from the rear of the reflector with your fingers. Screw Krypton flashlight bulb to replace the bulb.


3. Drill out the plastic protruding inside the body of the flashlight with the portable drill. Insert the three lithium batteries in the body of the flashlight its positive contacts facing up.


4. Insert the reflector ring back at the end of the flashlight. Screw the reflector back on the flashlight. Press the torch “On” button to project very bright beam that you have made.


Tips and Warnings: regularly replace the batteries to keep the beam bright.Not aimed the flashlight beam into the eye. It can make you blind.