How Household Pec Can Impact Your Life

Domestic life has been changing significantly for several months now with the new laws that organize the service they do. Having a maid at home today is no longer as simple as in a few years ago. The profession has undergone various adjustments so that it can have the same rights as any other profession.

How Household Pec Can Impact Your Life

A few years ago
The maid profession took many years to be regulated. In fact, they only started to appear on the market when women started leaving home to get their daily bread. In 1960, domestic service began to be passed into the hands of strangers but it was possible to see many women as housewives. But when women realized that they needed to have their own money and that they often had to be mothers and heads of household, they had to adapt.
And let’s get it right, doing homework is a constant and repetitive job. Every day you need to at least sweep the floors, clean the furniture and dust off the furniture. There are still 3 main family meals ahead of you, not to mention the hardest part of keeping an eye on the kids and helping with the homework. All these tasks, which used to belong to the mothers, are now housewives.

The importance of domestic servants
When the Household PEC was introduced in March 2013 many women panicked, a pity many husbands did not enter either. After all, none of the women wanted to leave their careers to return to take care of the house. Prior to the PEC, domestic workers had hours well beyond 44 hours per week. They would arrive before 8 in the morning to prepare breakfast and leave well after 6 pm because, after dinner, everything was in order.
Now, in order for that schedule to remain, it was necessary to pay overtime. Besides the already natural expenses like foresight and FGTS, how to pay also for the extra hour? A confusion has settled between the couples: who will cook and take care of the house? If the men thought that the women would return to the kitchen, they were wrong. Now that the two work and need to keep the house the task division had to take action.

Company rules in the home
Watch point, discount delays, faults and many other duties and duties that are typical of the company, such as putting such a regime inside the house? The relationship between mistress and maid is a relationship of intimacy and this is mainly present in the relationship with the owner’s children. What if she loses her temper with the children? How can the mistresses defend themselves?
Yet another is the question of food. In companies there is a meal voucher which is a type of agreement between employees and employer in which each pays a percentage of the food. And in the case of the maid as it would be? If she has lunch at the employer’s house and does not contribute the food she consume there. They are approximately 25 days a month making all meals with food paid by someone else. And who pays this bill?

Friends, friends, work apart
Many employers and maids do not know exactly how to divide the employment relationship. There are cases where the domestic one is like family, and has been part of it for more than 20 years. How to give concessions and collect obligations in these cases? The housekeeper needs to be aware that what is offered is work and the professional must be paid for it like any other job.

When it comes to children, the story is more complicated because many of those housewives who have worked for a single family for years and devote their full time to it. They cling to the children as if they were theirs and the children have these women as a second mother. Setting these limits in their heads can be a problem.

Change of habit
A change in the behavior of the Brazilian family began to happen with the arrival of the new law. Now, it takes a lot more money to keep a maid at home and when that is not possible, the alternative is to split the activities between the heads of the house. Men will have to learn to do housework like any other woman or else living together will not work.

It is already common in more developed countries that this happens because the profession of domestic in these places has been regulated for some time. In almost 100% of the cases it is common to see domestic only in families that have a good financial condition that are not so many. There, these basic services here are as well paid as any other. It would be best if governments bring down enough provisions so that families can pay for this service.