Home Decorations for Living Rooms

Iron Cube Shape Candle Holder Hollow-out Floral Pattern Top Glass Cover

The living room is the home’s heart, and it is here that in earnest to Kamo. Tealight holders, candle holders, pillar candles, photo frames, which displays your dear, scented candles, tealight candles, pillows, rugs, wall art, figurines, lamps, nice storage boxes, which saves messy away, are all things that make its order, to the center of the living room is at the top.


And all these things are some that you can find here. We offer a huge selection with brands such as Trip Trap, Nuance, Poul Pava, Stelton, Villa Coll, KJ, Be on Fire, Iittala and House Doctor, offering a host of products in colorful colors and fine materials – everything from paraffin wax, glass and steel to the bamboo, ceramics and wood.

Romantic Candle Holder Multi-colored Mosaic Glass Mediterranean Style

We offer so they completely traditional products such as the couple from Trip Trap for the new trend with Oh My Deer antlers, which offers many options. Goods make no demands, so you have all chances to combine new with old, colorful with simple colors and wood with glass. Great signs with good messages like “Smile to Life” will get your mind at rest, and all products will make you forget time and immerse yourself into a dream world, but fear it not – our alarm clock will wake you up, so that you can order all the delicious products. After that, you can just keep an eye on the time with our wall clock – items ordered before 12 noon-9 p.m., delivered as already the day after!