High Speed USB Port Upgrade

In 2012 I wrote a review with a bright entitled “Upgrade hub honest with USB 2.0 7-port”. This story appeared sequel details under the cut.

At the beginning of his first review about hubs, I gave as much as 3 links to 3 different shops in which sell certified version of this hub, including for ridiculous 4.7 $! I do not know who turned on the “green light” for the purchase of all the hub-like shapes and designs. It is inconceivable, where the only people do not find the fake hubs with questionable inscriptions! And the big question is why? The buyers are guided by buying samopal unknown. It seems that the main purpose of such purchases is the desire to write angrily: “bought USB 2.0 HUB – does not work!”

Here is a sampling of reviews about the obviously questionable usb hubs, excerpts, how-to hints: 1. Screws chopped off, the computer restarts and Windows hangs 2. fell off usb mouse. 3. Dishonest hub. To sum ​​up, the buyers of such counterfeit hubs Nurse burn, smoke stick, flies windose, Linux, Unix, etc. and on this occasion, “Sabres mourning waving knights.”Sami hubs also not differ stability. The culprit of all misfortunes, “mushroom toadstool online shopping,” Weed Russian mail and wastebaskets, looks like this: Here’s what a “edible mushroom”, good, fit the hub TOMTOP, which does not spoil anything, but only it helps and benefits: after dopilivaniya like this: This review was written not only as literature, it has and the experimental part.

After a long period of time, I received it in the mail, unpacked, checked availability and opened. Inside, I was waiting for a nice syurpiz: As you can see by the photos, USB HUB with ebey not need dopilivat, the board has carefully soldered all capacitors nominal value 10V 220mf.

Long test it in the work, I found out that he has exactly the same performance as the more expensive twin 3.0 USB Hubs from eUSBHubs store.

Shopping pros: 1. Honesty (certified 100% USB 2.0) 2. Lowest price 3. All capacitors already soldered (dopilivat not need!) 4. Stability of operation

Nice look cons: 1. Long Christmas delivery, but it does not store the wine 2. A simple power supply unit is not credible, it certainly works, but I advise you to use anything on the more powerful given the price and there is no need dopilivaniya recommend this hub is obligatory purchase!

Thank you for your attention, I hope no one was hurt, “literature review” and put finally fat point in this epic online with “unsuccessful hubs.” I congratulate all the second day of spring! Peace!