The truth is that sometimes maybe I spend from criticism with some projects, but it is that I see crafts and Yes, I see them very beautiful and original, but some when I search for them the practical side, find you many bugs. For example in the case of the surfaces of bottle blanks, I wonder how we are going to do when cleaning them.

If the plates are placed on a wall that is not much dirt, a Hall, a bedroom or living room, might be a good idea, but if you put them behind a faucet … there don’t see it so clear. By splash the wall, which is behind the tap is usually dirty enough and although I must say that it seems to me that with veneers is very nice, I think that will be a nuisance to clean.

Another example we have it in this case in the tray lined with plates, This time the surface is horizontal and the plates are painted in colors as you can see, here I see two drawbacks, on the one hand the cleaning, again and on the other of plates paint deteriorate fairly quickly with the use of the rack.

I.e. that as ornament tray would be good, but functional I see little and the same thing happens to me with coated wall. The idea of covering a surface either horizontally or vertically with veneers I find it interesting to surfaces you want to decorate your home in an original way, but also seems to me very impractical, so we must be careful with the surface that we choose to cover with sheet of bottle.

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