Glass Walls


  1. Tips to put glass walls in the house
  2. Types of material for glass wall

There are today who find outdated use of glass walls and even some myths, such as the lack of privacy. In fact depending on the use, you can not use the right way and create a large exhibition gallery for who is in another room. But when the use is done correctly, perhaps with the help of an architect, your space is creative, wins at least in visual area and is very modern and elegant.

There is no rule about where to install a wall of glass. Some people use in bathrooms, living room and large balcony. The important thing is to be careful in the selection of the glass to not become something fragile and with good workmanship, or cease to be something cool to become a sloppy design and worthy of criticism. And as glass leaves all apparent defect, hire a good company for the construction and it’s always important to take care of the cleaning. Nothing worse than a wall full of spots for your guests observe, isn’t it? You can even boot compliments, but are false.

Tips to Put Glass Walls in The House

Seawall on the Balcony – depending on your view, you can’t help but put long glass windows, doors or create an entire wall of glass if you do not want access to the outdoor area. Inside you can place big blinds or curtains to isolate the light when you don’t want the lighting, but a view of the beach, a beautiful green area or a beautiful pool and garden deserves a glass wall to see the glamour of space.

Wall in Frame Balcony – the idea is the same of the above: let the light in in the early hours of the morning and a view when desired. Ideally, a whole wall made of glass, how wide is possible, but always thinking of an alternative to curtains when you want the total isolation of light, be possible.

Glass Wall in the Kitchen – you can create an environment division with full glass or glass bricks and ensure the brightness of the space without spending a lot or need more points of light. It’s a very cool idea for flats and small apartments, or spaces where the kitchen joins the room or laundry area. Separate environments is important, even for cleaning.

Glass Wall in the Living Room for Hanging Garden – you have an outdoor area with hanging garden or conservatory and want show but still in the room? A transparent glass wall is a simple solution. You can leave it in the garden area the ceiling opened, ensuring both the light as irrigation of space and still keep the beauty of the room for everyone to admire while tasting native good coffee in the living room.

Types of Material for Glass Wall

There are several types of glass, and some combine more with your ideas to others. Some of them are:

  • Laminates – light weight and so are best for open rooms or any wall in contact with the external area. But remember that the input and output not dosing. When the Interior light is on, it will show the interior of the House.
  • Eco Lite – can reduce the heat input, great for hot cities.
  • Sound Insulator – are thicker and decrease the external noise or to isolate. Recommended for offices and apartments in urban centers.
  • Bioclean – one of the most modern, responsible for dosing and use light is ultraviolet rays and rain water to maintain cleanliness and brightness. It is one of the most expensive, but great for the internal and external environment contact.