Full of Brick Guide: How to Build, Clean and Preserve

Affectionately known as “bricks”, the exposed brick follow leaving welcoming environments. Whether in industrial lofts or houses with rustic appeal, the material can be used both as a constructive element as such a beautiful finish.

Inspire yourself with the selection of projects with brick and check out the tips of materials and construction that the website made for you:

Bar Attic | Inblum Architects

First, it is important to clarify that there is a difference between building with bricks or use them as a coating.

To build, you need a good structural design and professional help that define the strength of the material, specific type of mortar and other important points that will leave its solid design.

To decorate, the process is simpler. You can check if your walls are originally made of solid brick or simply coat the surface.

Loft Constant Motion | Alex Bykov

But wait, before removing all the plaster your wall, remove a piece to see if the masonry bricks are in good condition and still massive. The blog My Mobile Wood  recalls, “conventional bricks (those furadinhos!), concrete blocks and ceramic blocks are not apparent legal.”

Camp and Furnace | FVMA, Elevator studios e chef Steven Burgess

If the job is removal only, take care not to damage the structures and make sure any source of moisture will compromise the beauty of its bricks. If you choose to coat the existing walls will need:

  • Necessary coating amount of 10% excess to cover the surface. This ensures that your wall will not be incomplete;
  • Skilled labor;
  • Spatulas;
  • Mask application;
  • Mortar and grout.

It is not advisable to venture to create your own wall. This type of work requires specialized knowledge and makes all the difference in the final result, and leveling time of ideal work, not to mention the mess and the amount of dust involved.

AP 1211 | Alan Chu

Another important tip is to buy all the bricks and coatings of the same batch to not vary much color.

The mortar also deserves attention as it varies in full, beaded and dry applications. In the dry, the mortar is not apparent, giving the impression that the bricks were simply stacked one on top of another, restricting mixture of sand, cement, lime and water to the back.

In kohlrabi, excess mortar is removed and creates depth between the blocks. In the full, the mortar is flush with the surface of the brick.

Corner 8 | Mob

To facilitate cleaning, the application of resin is indispensable and must be constant. Silicone varnishes and also prevent the bricks loose powder, but can change the color of the material. Test on a small area and see if the result pleases, as these are difficult to remove products.

Buda Art Center | 51N4E

The finishes are diverse and range from painting, which can always be renewed, application of acids and forms of wear.

The most famous patina, which involves 1 can sieved lime and sand in a cement mixture and water to be applied to the joints of the bricks. Then apply a diluted version of this mixture on them, which are then sanded and sealed with silicone.

A home for all seasons | Rufwork

The leaked version of the bricks also has strong aesthetic appeal and create patterns of light in different environments.

There are no limitations: living rooms, dining, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and outdoor areas can receive the touch of exposed brick, just be careful with the waterproofing.

z53 Social Housing | MAP/MX + Grupo Nodus

The cost of bricks varies according to the area, and used light materials, the cost of labor.

Whether on a wall of the room or across the facade, you can make your estimated budget in the website using our free plugin for SketchUp  in their projects.

Housing MR | Sergio Ruggeri

Finally, remember: inspiration is not lacking. Only in this post are over 30 environments with bricks, and the accompanying text is the complete description in other articles. Click on the subtitles to access.