Florentine Style Pendant Lamps

2.24 Florentine Style Hanging Lamps

Flowers artfully climb upward. Sometimes these are individual flowers, and sometimes turned out to be the bouquet. The main element of the lamp hanging in the Florentine style is often a flower, which since the middle ages is adorned with the coat of arms of the medieval city of Florence. Rightly so-picturesque old town Florence is from 1982, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This flower with the coat of arms of the city, stylized Lily, could not be completely irrelevant for the name of the lamp hanging in the Florentine style. But it’s certainly an important direction of development of these extraordinary objects lighting gave mainly the old handicraft.


Decorating with crystal and metal embellish the Interior

Hanging lamps in the style of Florentine works of art are created with passion. First and foremost, glass; hand-painted floral glasses of varied colours, but also flowers lead glass crystal illuminate your home in a whole new way. This is because crystal especially beautifully refracts light and creates beautiful reflections. But also during the day, when Florentine-style pendant lamp is not turned on, it is the real attraction which attracts the eye.


Pendant in Florentine style: from the latest generation of lamps to the historical

Or as a modern or nostalgic-pendant in Florentine style to captivate their abilities of variation. Sometimes they are antique, modern times, sometimes stately and sometimes modest. And as the lighting of a 5-point have the same impressive performance as a 12-or 18-point. Also the lamp hanging in the Florentine style can be applied according to individual preferences and-depending on the needs-well presented both in the living room or in the dining room and in the kitchen.