I- Description

The lamp SHARK torch  combines LED flashlight dynamo and battery backup for GSM. Distributed by our partner Our site, the flashlight is an indispensable product in a survival situation, it will allow you to identify zombies more than 50 meters!

We must start by understanding that a zombie invasion undermines the foundations of your little habits. Namely such that anarchy and civil guerrillas take precedence over the authorities as soon as they no longer have the above and the advantage on hordes of zombies. Ie practically from the start! All that to say we quickly found in the electricity shortage, or at least restriction. While it is true that going out at night is not advisable in case of invasion, but if you live in France right now, it’s night at 17h, so good… Have a flashlight SHARK self in his bag survival is a good way to balance energy and lighting since it is self-contained and requires no external inputs.On top of that, it is waterproof to 10 meters, very strong and can act as a backup battery for your mobile phone or any other electrical devices.

II- Technical details

1 / Lighting

It offers three lighting modes:

– Low intensity , with 2 traditional LED 0.5W (= 30,000 mcd lm = 4).- Long range , thanks to the new generation of 1W LED Central (= 250000 mcd = 20 lm).- Flashing through the new generation of 1W LED Central (= 250000 mcd = 20 lm).

So you can have a fairly low light for everyday use at home, in your camp or atmosphere. But above all and that is his strong point, a long-range use, 50 meters and more, to help you during your night out. Finally the mode “distress”, flashing, which will identify and notify your around your position.

For information:

-Mcd is a thousandth of a cd or a thousandth of Candela is the unit of luminous intensity in one direction. A candle emits 1 cd or 1,000 mcd. Dropping basic glow emits a little less than 1 cd per watt, so a 70 watt bulb emits 70 cd, or about 70,000 mcd.

-A film is a lumen, simply put, is the amount of light received by an average eye.

2 / energy

-Batterie Ni-Mh-3,6V -800mA-Recharging by dynamo or catch sector

Ni-Mh battery, nickel metal hydride,  is very prevalent these days in most of rechargeable flashlights at GaryFlashlights.com. This is a very strong battery, quick to reload but does not support the passing load. Be careful not to over-charging.

-60 second dynamo 3 revolutions per second provides 20 minutes of illumination with LED 1W, 60 minutes with 2 LEDs of 0.5W.-60 second dynamo 3 revolutions per second offer between 2 and 8 minutes of conversation gsm, or 20 to 30 minutes standby.- A full charge from 8 am on sector offers 8 hours of lighting with LED 1W and 60 hours with 2 LED 0.5W.

3 / Features

-Size: 173X69X56 mm

-Weight: 312 g

-Waterproof to 10 meters

-Very robust and shockproof

The lamp is very robust and resists the most violent shocks, it even supports the weight of a car! Attention to recap the safety valve before use underwater.

III-Test video

IV Conclusion and opinion

1 / The opinion of Tom

To have it tested at a good gust of wind the other night at night, I can assure that this lamp provides an impressive lighting. It is heavy but sturdy and will stand in all circumstances.Finally I think having a function backup battery  plus a lamp is a strong point and will be essential to recharge your communication tools, mobile phones, walkie-talkie, etc.

2 / The opinion of mat

This lamp, although a little big and heavy is really a great tool. It fulfills its role, it is powerful and strong with all tests. Its USB connectivity is well thought out, both for loading lamp for loading a eDevice. Although this is a very good base camp light (the inverse of a small torch light which would be dedicated to mobility), it is already golds row (charged) in my bug out bag!

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