Famous Houses: Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh It is not one of the most well known in our country American actresses, but when I tell you that he has appeared on “Grey’s Anatomy” and then made his own series the character who interpreted and called it “walk-in” it is possible that you go to sound more. Today we will delve a little more into the intimacy of This Redhead it seems that they do not pass the years, getting in your House taking advantage of that it has sold it recently.

The Kate Walsh House It has a Spanish style and in certain details could remind us of an Andalusian House patios and your tiles. We began our tour of the receiver you have under these lines which serve as a distributor for the rest of the House.

The receiver is presided over by an impressive staircase with one of the wrought iron railings most beautiful that I’ve seen and, although the floor tiles do not convince me, does not seem bad all the set. Observe how a lamp of crystals to match the rest of the stay was chosen, and that is complemented with wall sconces to complete the lighting.

In the lounge of the actress we again see the ubiquitous fireplaces and a decor that would go into what we call traditional. We have one gathering area around the fireplace, delimited by a sofa, two armchairs, and a beanbag and fund a piano that would serve to enliven the evenings, not to mention that it brings an air of solemnity that few decorative pieces manage to stay.

The dining room of Kate Walsh It continues the trend we have seen in the living room, with furniture. Here we have an oval table around which are organized various modern style chairs. What I am not convinced is the carpet, which is not my style, especially in combination with the shiny floor and ceiling lamp.

Actress bedroom continues with the sobriety that, apparently, characterizes it. The cream ringtones they predominate over the dark shiny floor. Notice how we have two areas bounded by two carpets: on the one hand, the area of sleep, with a large bed and on the other hand the area of social gathering with a sofa and some chairs that invite to conversation or reading before going to sleep (although I am one of them who read in bed).

Look how here the ceiling lighting It is very discreet, with a lamp that goes unnoticed and that contrasts with the lamps we have in the tables, quite ostentatious for my taste. To complete the atmosphere, we have a great floor lamp at one end of which we see a corner right.

I encourage you to take a look at the Gallery so that you can see up close the rooms of the Kate Walsh House. You convinced as I or you prefer another style?

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