Famous Homes: Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman It is an actress with a meteoric career, which has only gone to more day after day. Today I bring you the House that actress sells in Greenwich Village and I must confess that it has become a look in one of my favorite things which we have seen in this section. The mansion has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, and has put a price of around 12 million euros. Inside it has a cinema, a suite of guests, a dining room, two living rooms, and even a gym.

We started by one of the living rooms that you have under these lines where what I like most is the lighting, so the ceiling lamp as the two lamps that are on both sides of the window. The armchairs and sofa covered by a white cloth to match the curtains. In fact almost all the accessories in this room are white but cozy.

Observe how the Add-ins that decorate the stay are the most eclectic, from the fangs on the fireplace (which I don’t like) up to various pictures of ethnic style and the mirror that you have on the left, which looks like an antique.

Here, unlike in other houses that we have seen, the carpet does not serve to distinguish two spaces and see how have placed the piano in the background so that, although dark environment because of its black color, reflects all the light from the window. I love the table slats, since it is perfect in this environment even if I had seen it in the store, I would have thought that it is rather to a terrace.

The part of the dining room is cheerful and opens the window that you have at the bottom in what looks like a terrace (although I can’t be sure). A success placed it beside the kitchen since it will facilitate the transfer of the dishes between both environments without being invasive. Again we have a lamp like that they have seen in the previous picture, since in reality the two environments are together, and in fact to take this picture have turned 180 degrees with respect to the previous.

Furniture of aged wood not give solemn appearance, contrary to what one might think, since they have perfectly combined them with other styles. See as well which is the Middle mirror tilted over the fireplace reflecting light by all the dining room.

Here you have the entrance to this House, that the best is a little soda but that I like. With few elements have defined what is going to be this House: a traditional rug, a modern picture to left and full of personality in the ceiling lamps.

Finally I want to that you take a look to the small patio the actress, where he has chosen an oriental atmosphere with gravel on the ground and wicker furniture, together with bamboos on the sides. The central fireplace is ideal both for barbecues and to keep warm in winter. See how it gives the shadow around the courtyard shaded by the leaves and you can already imagine how it will be an afternoon there al fresco. I see me taking me a cocktail listening to good music, and you?