Famous Homes: Tiger Woods (I)

Today we’ll leave a little of the world of the fabulous mansions in Los Angeles … to land on one Mansion fabulous in Hawaii where it lives Tiger Woods, as famous for his merits in the golf courses and outside them. Go ahead though this House seems to me a bit rococo for my taste, it is one of the most cozy which we have reviewed here. I join?

In the Aerial view that you have under these lines, the first thing that stands out is the huge swimming pool, accompanied by another slightly smaller pool on the side. The patio area has been exploited flooring the part closest to the House with Terracotta While the rest of the garden is natural grass. Observe how in the courtyard have a chill-out with a large sofa that surely that large gatherings in the shade can be made while those who prefer bathing in the Sun.

Now we move on to the Distributor, where they wanted to take advantage of the stairwell which leads to the upper floor to create a social gathering space. Again we have a large sofa in earth tones that combines very well with the ochre colours of this room. Observe how plants take all their prominence and have even put them under the columns (which I do not know how been sitting to architects, by the way).

Also look at the detail of that, although this area is in two heights, the upper height reaches a part of the backrest of the sofa, so visually it is all the same space. I suppose that if you want to do something similar in your houses you are going to have to buy a sofa to measure since it is not always possible to find the exact measurement.

On these lines, we have the Dining room more informal. Obervad how the window leaves the best decoration that can have a House: the views to infinity, blue sea, and of course the Palm trees and other vegetation that I also love. The chairs and the table are Wenge, color that contrasts perfectly with the soil color honey. Here again we have a large sofa that probably the people to sit down before or after the meal to chat informally.

Watch two details of this environment that are completely viejunos and that I do not fit: first pads and second lamp. I would have chosen something more design to subtract a bit of seriousness to this environment that is virtually on the beach, don’t you think?

On these lines have one of the living rooms of Tiger Woods, that seems to me very relaxing. In this case, large sofa has a couple of chaises longues large enough, to be able to watch TV comfortably. Dark blue walls and curtains of the same colour suggest us a very relaxing atmosphere and the coffered ceiling where the area of the sofa fits brings Oriental aires. Particularly this detail has delighted me.

The Mat White fluffy surely it is not very useful in a place with a climate as warm as Hawaii but the rest of Add-ons seem to me to be very successful, since the Arab tables until the puffs. And what I say lighting? Here has been perfectly combined the ceiling with other indirect lighting to create a cosy atmosphere.

I encourage you dig you an eye to the images from the garden I leave in the Gallery to discover the superb views from the infinity pool and you can see the hot tub with more stories to tell of the history of world golf. And in the next installment, I teach the bedrooms!

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