Facades of Small House

The facade of a house is the first vision that a visitor has of our home and, therefore, is like the business card of our house, giving up the idea about what we like, the colors you prefer, the styles of which we are fans and even on the kind of material that we are more adept. In addition to being the first vision of a residence, the facade has the power to give the eyes the pleasure of a good view or also to make visitors lose interest quickly by the property. So when we deal with the design of homes, it is important that the facade frisas must take part, since the beginning of the reform bill or his decorating style should marry the remainder of the property and be complementary, for that does not result in different styles vying for attention.

When it comes to decorating the facade of a small house, the first thought is that the size can restrict the possibilities, but what really happens is the opposite. By limiting the space to work, the facades of small houses can be worked in a modern style and attractive to the eye without spending a fortune! Another important consideration to do, early on, is that decorate the facade of simple and modern way isn’t synonym of inferiority or lack of care, because with the advent of the internet and the freedom in creating and mixing of styles, the possibilities of expanded design very interesting. The decoration market has different styles and price items, ready to please a wide variety of decorating styles, allowing you to create the facade that more suits your property and your personal tastes. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination and creativity.

We seek some expert tips on decorating and design to help you get ideas on time to decorate or reinvent the facade of your home, always seeking to unite quality and taste the possibility to save. After all, it’s not because you want to innovate and have a beautiful facade and charming that you need to put an end to their economies, isn’t it?

  1. Search: one of the main requirements for a good decorating project is the research work, because it allows you to find ideas differentiated and suggestions of what do and how to do in your project. There are a number of magazines and websites specializing in exterior design, allowing you to have an overview of what is on the rise in the real estate market and also has ideas to create a unique style and cozy for your residence. Chat with friends and family who are building or renovating or who have gone through that process is also interesting because it will allow you to share experiences and meet new visions about decoration. Get the opinion of a professional design or landscaping project is also interesting.
  2. Cost-benefit assessment: one of the most important tips from the experts in design is to evaluate carefully the costs of reform or construction and also the direct benefits that such investment will bring the ultimate effect of its facade. There are design options that can leave a lot of guys, but don’t deliver a quality end result, while cheaper options and modern can give the finishing touch that you search for its facade. Understand what best fits the design of its facade and evaluate not only by price but by the body of work. If you can merge the design with the possibility to spend less, so much the better.
  3. Landscaping and design: searching for decorating and landscaping options can be the difference between the facade that you already have and the facade that you wish to have. Invest in a good choice of landscaping and gardening can ensure a natural look and modern, creating a contrast between the main decoration, which can be more serious, with a more relaxed style and green.Look for ideas in gardens that you like and that have to do with the result you hope to achieve in your project.
  4. Mixture of materials and colors: bet on a mixture of colors and various materials can make all the difference in your project. Use of modern structures in contrast to more conservative lines, roofs made of slope, among other innovations, creates a feeling of modernity and comfort, making its facade has a unique and attractive. You can get away from ideas of more conventional design, creating a unique style for its facade, since you use care and common sense. Bold colors can be used to create contrast with cooler colors and sober. In decorating projects where the property’s construction lines more classical, use rounded and differentiated options can also create an interesting mix and an end result quite amusing and attractive.

The most important thing is to marry the style that you want for your facade with what is in your plans and budget, always seeking to find a meeting point between the result you want and what you have on hand.