Facades of Modern House: Small, Large, Beautiful


  1. Facades of modern houses
  2. Landscaping adds value to the entry
  3. Lighting is crucial

Check out various inspirations of facades of modern houses

If you’re going to buy a new home or want to retire to his home, decorating inspirations are always well received to ensure that your home has your face and your style. As important as the inside and functional home, however, is its external appearance and that is why it is so important to pay attention to the details of the facade. High in the market, the modern houses can adapt not only to his land, but also your budget. So, check out different models of facades of modern houses for inspiration.

Facades of Modern Houses

Before you inspire in the facades of modern houses, however, need to know how are the modern houses. This type of construction is usually done in blocks and its facade has, generally, a square appearance or, as is more common, rectangular. Straight lines, parallel and perpendicular are preferred in relation to winding lines.

However, if your home cannot have a fully modern facade, just to let you get inspired finishes and combinations to get the result of your dreams.

  • Use of Textures

In facades of modern houses is quite common to find the use of different textures such as stone coatings, of brick, metal or wood, for example. These textures combined with the building and with the walls white usually break a bit of neutrality of the facade, giving it a bold and rustic touch.

  • Mix of Materials

To achieve the modern result, however, you don’t have to stick to just use a material to make the coating, since in the facades of modern houses are often different materials used together harmoniously.

Thus, it is possible to combine wood with metal or glass brick, for example. It prints more personality to the house decoration.

  • Use of Glass

Another quite common in the facades of modern houses is the use of glass in strategic points, such as near the entrance or revealing the stairs, for example.

The use of glass is a way to get a more clean and more dashing, but despite this, we must be careful with their use as privacy can be compromised. On the other hand there is an integration of the house with the whole vista around, which is one of the features of modern architecture.

  • Floor Free

The modern architecture, the use of the ground floor is another of its characteristics and which can be found on some facades of modern houses. Thus, with the use of pilot is – pillars of support, some modern houses facades offer a room with the floor clear.

In addition, the use of pilot is especially beneficial in land and uneven surfaces, since it ensures maximum use of the space.

  • With Balcony

For those who like a time outdoors can also find facades of modern houses with balconies, especially when the view can not be missed. Normally the balconies follow the same material used in all facade, like glass or wood.

  • Minimalist Style

What virtually all the facades of modern houses have in common, however, is the minimalist style, combining simple elements smoothly and clearly. So, usually the walls are white and the color accents are in charge of different finishes.

In this way, virtually all the facades of modern houses have a more basic and neutral, but without losing the modernity and sophistication.

Landscaping Adds Value to the Entry

Also to complement the facade of the house with a beautiful landscaping project, which will enhance the entrance to the residence and highlight even more the modern facade. Thus, many facades of modern houses include elaborate designs of landscaping, creating a unique and special composition.

Lighting is Crucial

No matter how beautiful is the facade or the landscaping, since without proper lighting all the beauty is lost at night. It is therefore important to invest in the correct lighting to enhance the facades of modern houses.

That way, it is best to invest in reflectors on the facade or in an automatic lighting system. For the landscaping, spots of light can pull it off, showing what nature has more beautiful in your home. So, the important thing is to enjoy the beauty of the facades of modern houses at any time of the day.

In this way, the facades of modern houses can and should inspire you to buy, build or renovate your home, guaranteeing a unique touch and modern sophistication.