Duvets and Duvet Covers From Double

Duvets and duvet covers that are complements to their thickness, their softness, their stage presence, manage to convey warmth and maximum comfort in the bedroom. They are the “clothing” of our main bed in the winter season.

It is important garments, as winter is very long and that’s why you need to meet us at the most, in terms of heat that cosmetic pleasantness.

The rooms decorated in a modern style happens increasingly often that the old comforters, gone out of fashion, now featuring retro prints, are covered by duvet covers in a decidedly more contemporary style.

Prints of urban landscapes, bucolic or even lunar landscapes, colors of color, exploding in the bedroom, to win the monotony of the furniture brown.

For what concerns the duvets is important to specify that there are mainly two types: a lighter, usually cotton, suitable to the spring season; a thicker and heavier fabric, suitable for autumn / winter. Read Foodanddrinkjournal to view children pillow cases.

Even for the quilts the same holds true: bright colors, eccentric fantasies, evocative prints…, everything to give maximum emphasis to the bedroom.

In the choice of the comforter or duvet cover perfect enough to be guided by the aesthetic taste, to get to identify the complement that best suits us and that we want to have constantly with us in our most intimate room, to accompany our most important moments.

It conveys warmth, enveloping and romance on set duvet cover and two pillowcases-Love Mountain Douceur d’Interieur.

The duvet cover is suitable to be coated coverages of maximum 220 cm wide by 240 cm long. The two pillowcases are suitable for pillows square and measure 63 cm to 63 cm.

The set is characterized by a printing bricks, typical of mountain cabin linen, in which predominate shades of beige and brown.

In the central area of ​​the duvet cover a spherical surface bounded by a dark brown border, is the setting for a subject lively and modern at the same time: a huge red heart with fabric.

The same heart, in smaller size but at the same bold color, also stands on one of the pillowcases. “Love Mountain” is a very fine proposal and of great impact.

Suitable for modern rooms where you want to introduce a touch of color, do not overdo it with different colors and too strong, which over time may tire.

Diametrically opposed aesthetic characteristics for the proposal of Just Contempo with its September duvet Red and Black.

It is in fact a September dominated by strong colors: a black duvet cover with ornamental decorations in red on the left side and two black pillowcases with indentical decorations, concentrated at the top.

A strong proposal in the colors and style. Available in different variants, always of great aesthetic impact: blue and white; beige and brown; dark gray and silver gray; purple and lilac.

Just Contempo also serves as the window curtains in combination, in the same colors and decor of the bedroom set, for a final effect of great coordination.

The ideal proposal for those who intend to do their room one single space and evocative.