Doors Open: an Apartment in Rio De Janeiro

When are we looking for ideas for decorating our House or apartment, a good way to inspire is to see other houses already decorated. See also loose OK, but with them it is more difficult to make the idea of as the whole is, already created environments make it easy to choose, combine and decide.

I teach today an apartment in Rio de Janeiro Taranto Gisele design, who has the peculiarity that both the floor and the walls have been built and coated in light grey to leave a total role to the color of the furniture and the decorative, also getting that stays will be more clear and bright.

In the Living room There is predominance of the clear and cold colors, Although there are small details almost all the tones you can think in pictures and pads. Upholstery of sofas that cover the largest area are in shades of green, blue and white, all of them are clear, although we also have red side table next to the sofa of the Fund.

I have loved the detail of decorated skate boards, hanging on the wall as if they were paintings, is great. Decorate with skateboards is something that is has been getting very fashionable and the truth is that if done well it can be excellent, gives the environment a cheerful, modern and youthful touch and is something very original.

In the Dining room We have the contrast between the wooden table and chairs with marble soil metal … a curious mixture of basic materials, although I have to say that that there somewhat rustic table not just convince me, even being in wood I think that I would have chosen another model.

Again very well chosen accessories, lamps are beautiful, the pictures give it that touch of color … interesting is also the detail that the chairs are different in the table, the six sides are different from the two presiding in the more narrow ends, I like the idea of combining two models of Chair.

We were talking about before the table in red, in one of the areas that I liked the House, room seating is cozy, in addition these are mine, table Centre and side table, I’ve always been that defend that the tables in the lounge are necessary, while others prefer to dispense with them to gain free space.

The decor is more diverse, lamps, plants, cushions, ornaments … there are all styles, all colors, always creating contrasts to give rise to a homey and welcoming set.

In the image above you can see part of the bedroom, I like that on it have changed the marble floor in the park that much is warmer, especially taking into account that in the House almost no rugs, also chose warm colors for bedding, including Orange, one of my favorites.

Headboard wall is decorated and on her headboard in white is very good, excellent also the lighting and the tables in light wood with white lamps, penalty can not see the wardrobe and the rest of the room as insurance which is also excellent.

Finally the bathroom or show us it is very simple, even minimalistic, everything I have seen House is what I am less convinced, I see it too cold and also seems a little small, seeing the breadth of the show, well it could have left you bathroom one meter more.

Nor does it seem very functional, there are no shelf in the area of laabo and under furniture seems only an open shelf … clear that we would have to see the rest to be able to judge the whole full, or perhaps this is just the toilet for visits … in short, I prefer the dining room and the bedroom they are great, with the decorative details and color contrasts.