Do It Yourself: Cement for Halloween Candle Holder

It is the weekend when more free time we have to devote to the DIY, next week we will celebrate Halloween night and many like us have the House especially set for the occasion. The lighting with candles It’s perfect for the most terrifying night of the year and we need some candle line with the theme of the celebration.

We can make them ourselves with a little cement and a few cardboard molds. We cut pieces of cardboard and give them the way we want for the candle holder, in this case we have chosen the RIP lyrics, a classic Halloween decoration, but you can choose other ways if you prefer something less macabre.

The project is not the simplest, handling cement It is complicated if we don’t have practice, but it can be a good way to start working with him. Nor it is necessary that the letters are perfect, in fact in the imperfection of the finishing of the cement is part of its charm.

To the candle holder can add candles in colors black and orange being the most characteristic at the time of decorate for Halloween night and the result will be perfect. We can place the candle holder with their candles at the entrance of the House, at the dining table or decorating on furniture in the living room.