I’m one of those that every trip we do bring something of souvenir to remember those special moments. Has anyone noticed that on all trips we do around, (both Brazil, and outside of the country), souvenir shop we passed we found several little cups with names of the cities we are visiting? The variety is amazing, are little cups with names of cities, landmarks, etc. And today’s tip is exactly about these little cups. Who ever thought about buying several of them? Or do you already have and don’t know where to shove both cup? I joined my in various corners of the house and decided to have a use for them beyond simple decoration, how about a DIY-do it yourself?

The number of trips was growing and consequently the number of cups. They were already attracting attention of many people around me, friends and family began to treat myself with little cups brought from his travels. Went to a different place, brought a to me and spoke: “I remember you! I bet that you don’t have! “. And so the collection was increasing more and more. I started collecting for a while, before it was kind of a joke, but with time the cups were increasing, some I bought on trips, others won friends, and today besides hobby became something serious – hahhahahahaha. At home I use for various things: desserts, put some shots is claaaaaro, in addition to using to decorate, each cup has a story, a memory. Know where each was purchased or who gave me and the story you told me about that place. Sometimes I’m able to spend hours and hours looking at my collection and remembering each place, in each moment. Are memories as a travel album, for example.

I confess that I’m still latte when it comes to large collections of little cups that I know several people have a much larger amount than mine, but I plan to increase my collection very soon, even if you have some you can send to me I will amaaaar receive and add in my collection – hahhahahahahahahahaha. And then I ask you a question and give you the answer. Is there anything better than to travel? Ready to meet my collection?

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