The game giving the diy clocks!
We can make them with polymer clay or marble as these two table clocks or wall inspired by print polka dots. Either way the process is very simple and all essential is to integrate the clock mechanism in the chosen material.
Are you ready to discover this tutorial to create a personalized clock with an IKEA bread basket? For more personalized clocks diy, visit the site:

In this case the blog for diy fall has used a basket for bread, in particular SOMMAR 2016 IKEA model, made of bamboo by hand.
In addition to this basket you will need; a scissors, the mechanism of a clock, black embroidery thread and needle. They are not difficult to locate or buy.
We started making a small hole in the center of the bamboo basket with scissors.
We introduce the clock mechanism by the back of the cart and then in the front part put the needles.
Now we embroider the hours with line segments that will be placed in the place of the numbers. I advise you first place the mark of the 12, 3, 6 and 9… then you will be easier to locate the rest of the hours.
You just need to hang the clock on the wall.
As it is summer and I am sure that you want not me to fill 300 words requiring google to make it the ideal post loop, I leave you with images that you saw the beauty and natural that has been.
Happy day!

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