Discover the Home of Singer Florence Welch

Florence Welch, lead singer of the band Florence and the Machine, is adored worldwide for its voice, style and personality. What not everybody knows is that the singer is also a fan of a good interior design, and makes sure that your home reflects your personality and is full of things that inspire.

Speaking to nowness, Florence opened the doors of his home in London and showed all the features of the space where he lives.

With romantic and Provencal decor, the house of the singer is full of elements, either on the walls full of paintings and tapestries or on the floor. The place is also filled with English antiques, family treasures and vintage finds collected over time. “I was always an inherent decorator. For me, living in a house or being in a room is like taking care of a living organism”, says Florence.

The room, very romantic, has an antique bed with upholstered headboard, fireplace, more pictures and a palette limited and soft colors, ensuring harmony and warmth to the environment.

The bathroom is all turquoise white and blue for decoration, Florence bet on an antique candlesticks, candles, crucifixes in different formats, florida curtain and a bathtub in the retro style. In addition, space is full of paintings, drawings and small homage to the painter Frida Kahlo, for whom she is in love.

In the living room, many books, pillows and vibrant colors. The paintings on the wall blend ancient and modern. “There are things here that I put almost every week, but soon I will not have place”, the singer jokes.

Florence describes his home as a place where tranquility seeks to reflect, stay calm and compose your music as a kind of sanctuary.

In addition to flowers and plants in every room, the house also has a garden with space for reading and a dressing room with clothes and costumes often used as the actual decoration of the place.

Check out the video where Florence presents the place where he lives with great delicacy and sympathy.