Decoration for Wall with Pictures of Family, Boyfriend, Friends


  1. How to make wall decoration in photos?
  2. How to select photos for wall decoration in photos

Interior decorating with photos is one of the most attractive modern decor models. In times of digital camera, everyone has a range of records and use is a way to give life to the environment and personality. Why not? Stay cool, is chic and combines with almost all types of models. And once running, decorate with ease is all you need, isn’t it?

The use of pictures can come in several spaces of the environment. The most common are living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Other spaces are not indicated for use as a toilet (moisture damages the images too), kitchen and laundry area. Place the photos in place of broad vision and for their guests. After all, decoration is something to you but to be seen too, isn’t it? Common sites are the ideal.

The ideal size of pictures for decoration always raises doubts. The answer is: it depends. Small wall is not suitable to use several images of 10 × 15cm, the traditional and most common format. Why not three or four pictures of 20 x 30cm or the like? You need to choose first the amount of photos to be positioned, and select best size accordingly. Ideally, if you are going to use more than one photo, all need to be the same size to maintain harmony. Some people use five or six different sizes and stay cool, but this type of project must be reviewed with great caution.

How to Make Wall Decoration in Photos?

Some suggestive ideas for different types of space are:

  • Living Room– select the main images of your life and the most beautiful even. The environment is quite visited and why the best are there, without embarrassment. A photo just magnified and behind the central upholstered as mural is a good thing, but three or four of the same frame is also nice at the same time or alternating between low and high.
  • Chronological Corridor– the access to the rooms or bathroom is one of the favorite places for decoration and one of the most nice to settle in and in a personalized manner. One of the coolest tips is a chronological corridor with the family history, or the couple’s life or development of children, starting from pregnancy until their current phase, with some additions or changes of pictures over the years.

How to Select Photos for Wall Decoration in Photos

Not all pictures are cool on the wall decorated, is fact, so a pre selection is ideal. Cannot have blurred photos, with red eyes and much less by cutting off arms and legs. A cut below the waist and ideally before the bust for profile photos or pictures and always below the joints. If the horizon is bent, like the sea hanging to one side, must also be discarded.

Black and white photos are always nice to decorated with these two colors. Maintains the visual unity and is considered super modern, but add a colored ap environment, particularly of children.Select what your taste and can change to black and white or sepia digitally without problems.